Motion To: WHEREAS in the Kitchissippi Parking Strategy Report, Staff have completed a Local Area Parking Study (LAPS) for Wellington West and a LAPS Update for Westboro, which is a follow-up to a previous study which was completed in 2013; and WHEREAS the Kitchissippi Parking Strategy encompasses the results of these studies and represents a coordinated approach to identifying parking issues and solutions across the entire area; and WHEREAS staff found that paid parking along the main street (Richmond Road / Wellington Street West / Somerset Street West) is warranted according to the criteria established in the Municipal Parking Management Strategy (MPMS) and its Rate Setting Guidelines, and would align with industry best practices which would also establish consistency with other commercial areas of the City; and WHEREAS, of the General Manager, Public Works and Environmental Services was not able to implement paid parking as set out in this report as there was no concurrence as requ

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Vote recorded from Transportation Committee on 2017-04-05 regarding agenda item KITCHISSIPPI PARKING STRATEGY.

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