Motion To: WHEREAS Area 6 is designated as Developing Community; and WHEREAS a sanitary sewer pumping station will ultimately be required for the development of these lands; AND WHEREAS such pumping station is not yet identified in the Development Charges Background Study; THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT: 1. The Area 6 Pumping Station be added as a 100 per cent development charge work to the Background Study at an estimated costs of $3.3 million dollars. 2. The estimated completion date of the pumping station be established at 2018 but that such date be subject to customary revision based upon affordability and the progress of development of the area

S. Moffatt
R. Chiarelli
E. El-Chantiry
R. Bloess
D. Chernushenko
M. Fleury
M. Taylor
S. Desroches
B. Monette
J. Harder
K. Hobbs
M. Wilkinson
S. Qadri
P. Clark
K. Egli
D. Deans
D. Holmes
T. Tierney
A. Hubley
J. Watson
P. Hume
M. McRae
S. Blais
D. Thompson
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Vote recorded from City Council on 2014-06-11 regarding agenda item DEVELOPMENT CHARGES BACKGROUND STUDY AND BY-LAWS.

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