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Item/File Ext.
minutes #24 of the 22 june 2020 meeting
22 June 2020 DRAFT.doc
aleksandar golijanin
Aleksandar Golijanin OPSB Presentation Transcript.pdf
paul durber, ottawa witness group
Public delegate 2_Paul Durber.pdf
Paul Durber_Remarks to the OPSB.pptx
sarp kizir
erica ifill, ottawa coalition against more surveillance
nagad abdillahi
ethan sabourin
OPSB Meeting Ethan Sabourin July 27.pdf
mar khorkhordina
nash mendes
khadija el hilali
kathryn desplanque
ewart walters, black agenda noir
Public delegate 11_Ewart Walters.pdf
dakota cherry
madeleine b.
Public delegate 13_Madeleine B.pdf
john wishart
Public delegate 14_John Wishart.pdf
chief's verbal report
1 - Chiefs Presentation July 2020 psb.pdf
1 - Transcripts of Chiefs Verbal July 27 2020.docx
police and improving outcomes for the mentally ill in crisis - dr. simon hatcher
2 - Dr Simon Hatcher_Mental Health and Policing.pptx
update on the joint opsb/ops strategy on workplace sexual violence and harassment
3 - SVandH ppt E_OPSB July 27 2020 v1.6.pptx
3 - SVandH ppt F_OPSB July 27 2020 v1.6.pptx
appointment of special constable: carleton university
4 - Carleton University July 2020b FINAL.docx
4a - Special Constable Appointment Form SAMPLE.pdf
re-appointment of special constables: carleton university
5 - Carleton University - July 2020 Board Report Re-Appointments FINAL.docx
5a - Special Constable Appointment Form SAMPLE.pdf
re-appointment of special constables: oc transpo
6 - OC Transpo - July 2020 Board Report Re-Appointments FINAL.docx
6a - Approval of Appointment as Special Constable -blank .pdf
'igniting the spirit' mini gala series fundraising event for the wabano centre for aboriginal health
7 - Igniting the Spirit 2020.docx
ottawa police service annual report: 2019
8 - V2 OPSB Annual Report 2019 FINAL.docx
8b - EN Section 5 2019 Annual Report.pdf
8b - FR Section 5 2019 Annual Report.pdf
8c - Crime Trend 2019-2018.pdf
8d - Crime Trend 2019-2018 wards.pdf
semi-annual report on 2019-2020 strategic plan
9 - Q1 and Q2 2020 PSB Report - 2019-2020 Strategic Direction Semi-Annual Report FINAL.docx
financial status report - second quarter 2020
10 - Q2 Financial Board Report July 2020 FINAL.docx
10a - Document 1 - 2020 2nd Qtr Financial Status.xlsx
10b - Document 2 - 2020 2nd Qtr POs Delegated Authority.xlsx
10c - Document 3 2020 2nd Qtr Report - June 2020 .xlsx
10d - Document 4 Summ of Assets.pdf
10e - Document 5 IT & Telecom Assets & Maintenance.pdf
complaints report, part v - police services act - second quarter 2020
11 - Part V Complaints Report - Q2 2020 FINAL.docx
professional standards section - 2019 annual report
12 - PSS 2019 Annual Report FINAL.docx
report on siu investigation
13 - PSB Report - SIU19-OCI-230 FINAL.docx
response to inquiry i-20-08 - use of force and de-escalation (part 1)
14 - Response to Inquiry I-20-08 Use of Force and De-escalation (Part 1).docx
response to inquiry i-20-09 - body worn cameras
15 - Response to Inquiry I-20-09 Body cams.docx
legal services status report - 2020 second quarter
16 - Legal Services Status Report OPSB PUBLIC_2020-Q2_Final.docx
board monitoring requirements status report: second quarter 2020
17 - Board Monitoring Requirements Q2 2020.docx
outstanding board inquiries & motions - july 2020
18 - Outstanding Inquiries&Motions July 2020.docx
letters of commendation
19 - Commendation Report for July 2020 FINAL.docx

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Committee Members:
Name Last Email Phone
Diane Deans 613-580-2480
Carol Anne Meehan 613-580-2751
Jim Watson 613-580-2496