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minutes 13 - meeting of march 5, 2020 of the agriculture and rural affairs committee
ARAC Draft Minutes 13 EN.pdf
ARAC Draft Minutes 13 FR.pdf
zoning by-law amendment and official plan amendment - part of 3713 borrisokane road
Report - ACS2020-PIE-PS-0046 3713 Borrisokane Road.docx
Possibly related devapp: D08-02-20/A-00009
Possibly related devapp: D08-01-20/B-00004
Possibly related devapp:
Possibly related devapp: D07-12-20-0002
Possibly related devapp: D02-02-20-0002
Possibly related devapp: D07-16-20-0015
Possibly related devapp: D02-02-20-0047
Possibly related devapp:
zoning by-law amendment - part of 4083 larry robinson road
Report - ACS2020-PIE-PS-0035 - 4083 Larry Robinson Road.docx
Possibly related devapp: D08-01-19/B-00307
Possibly related devapp: D02-02-19-0113
zoning by-law amendment - part of 2031 stittsville main street
3 - ACS2020-PIE-PS-0036 - Part of 2031 Stittsville Main Street.docx
Possibly related devapp: D07-12-12-0020
Possibly related devapp: D02-02-19-0148
zoning by-law amendment - part of 3864 upper dwyer hill road
Report - ACS2020-PIE-PS-0045 - Part of 3864 Upper Dwyer Hill Road.docx
Possibly related devapp: D08-01-19/B-00267
Possibly related devapp:
zoning by-law amendment - 11 king street
Report - ACS2020-PIE-PS-0053 - 11 King Street.docx
Possibly related devapp: D07-16-10-0020
Possibly related devapp: D02-02-10-0010
zoning by-law amendment - part of 2975 harbison road
Report - ACS2020-PIE-PS-0054 - Part of 2975 Harbison Road.docx
Possibly related devapp: D02-02-20-0007
zoning by-law amendment - part of 2289 devine road
Report - ACS2020-PIE-PS-0055 - 2289 Devine Road.docx
Possibly related devapp: D02-02-20-0021
parks, forestry & stormwater services
country hill estates branch, cassidy municipal drain - appointment of engineer
Report - ACS2020-PWE-PFS-0002 Branch Cassidy MD appoint engineer.docx
business and technical support services
commemorative naming proposal - betty von tobel courts
Report - ACS2020-RCF-GEN-0010 CN Betty von Tobel.docx
commemorative naming proposal - craig huff tree nursery
Report - ACS2020-RCF-GEN-0011 CN Craig Huff Tree Nursery.docx
commemorative naming proposal - david arntfield recreation area
Report - ACS2020-RCF-GEN-0012 CN David Arntfield Rec Area.docx
commemorative naming proposal - luigi caparelli walkway
Report - ACS2020-RCF-GEN-0013 CN Luigi Caparelli Walkway.docx
commemorative naming proposal - mcewen family bridge
Report - ACS2020-RCF-GEN-0014 CN McEwen Family Bridge.docx
plan of subdivision and plan of condominium - 3119 carp road, public meeting
IPD A - ACS2020-PIE-PS-0058 Plan Subdivision 3119 Carp Road WITHDRAWN.pdf
Possibly related devapp: D07-16-14-0020
Possibly related devapp: D08-02-16/A-00119
Possibly related devapp: D08-01-16/B-00134,
Possibly related devapp: D07-04-14-0021

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Everyone is entitled to attend committee meetings and provide a verbal statement (up to 5 minutes long) before Councillors vote on each agenda item. If you are not able to attend a meeting, you can also email your comments to councillors. Either way, your statements become part of the official record - and this is the single most important step to shaping the outcome of your city.

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Committee Members:
Name Last Email Phone
George Darouze 613-580-2490
Eli El-Chantiry 613-580-2475
Glen Gower 613-580-2476
Scott Moffatt 613-580-2491