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Item/File Ext.
epwwm minutes 10 - tuesday, 15 september 2020
Draft Minutes 10 (EN)
Draft Minutes 10 (FR)
epwwm 01-20 - residential front-yard gardens / expansion of community gardens
Residential Community Garden Expansion
epwwm 03-20 - clean water supply and private wells
Clean Water Supply and Private Wells
environmental stewardship advisory committee - 2020-2022 workplan
Report - ESAC Work Plan
Doc 1 - ESAC Workplan - 2020-22 (REV-02-10-2020)
Doc 2 - ESAC TOR (EN)
climate change master plan - energy evolution: ottawa's community energy transition strategy final report
Report - CCMP-EE Final Report (EN)
Report - CCMP-EE Final Report (FR)
Doc 1 - EE Strategy.pdf
Doc 2 - Appendix A DMA Manual.pdf
Doc 3 - Appendix B Business As Planned Report Final.pdf
Doc 4 - Appendix C Pathway Studies.pdf
Doc 5 - Appendix D Technical Report.pdf
Doc 6 - Appendix E Modelling Ottawas GHG Emissions to 2050.pdf
Doc 7 - Appendix F Project Overviews FINAL.pdf
Doc 8 - Appendix G Summary of Energy Evolution Projects FINAL.pdf
Doc 9 - Appendix H Cost Catalogue.pdf
Doc 10 - EE Phase 1
Doc 11 - Proposed HODS Spending Plan.pdf
lemieux island water purification plant project update
IPD A - Lemieux Island

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Committee Members:
Name Last Email Phone
Riley Brockington riley.brockington@ottawa.ca 613-580-2486
Jean Cloutier jean.cloutier@ottawa.ca 613-580-2488
George Darouze george.darouze@ottawa.ca 613-580-2490
Keith Egli keith.egli@ottawa.ca 613-580-2479
Allan Hubley allan.hubley@ottawa.ca 613-580-2752
Rawlson King rideaurockcliffeward@ottawa.ca 613-580-2483
Catherine McKenney catherine.mckenney@ottawa.ca 613-580-2484
Shawn Menard capitalward@ottawa.ca 613-580-2487
Scott Moffatt scott.moffatt@ottawa.ca 613-580-2491