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information technology sub-committee minutes 9 - monday, 5 march 2018
ITSC Draft Minutes 9 (EN).doc
ITSC Draft Minutes 9 (FR).doc
Possibly related devapp: D07-16-13-0004
Possibly related devapp: D02-02-16-0004
Possibly related devapp: D01-01-16-0007
Possibly related devapp: D02-02-18-0011
Possibly related devapp: D07-16-18-0023
Possibly related devapp: D02-02-18-0076
legislative services
information technology sub-committee terms of reference
Report - ITSC 2019 ToR.docx
Document 1 - 2019 Revised Draft ITSC ToR.docx
corporate services department
financial services
2019 draft operating and capital budget - information technology sub-committee
2a - ACS2019-CCS-ITS-0001 - ITSC 2019 Budget Transmittal Report.docx
2b - 2019 Draft Operating and Capital Budgets Final.docx
2c - 2019 Draft Operating and Capital Budgets Final French.docx
2d - 2019 Draft Budget IT Sub FULL EN.pdf
2e - 2019 Draft Budget IT Sub Condensed EN.pdf
2f - 2019 Draft Budget IT Sub Condensed FR.pdf


ITEM: Information Technology Sub-committee Minutes 9 - Monday, 5 March 2018

Motion Yes No Absent/Recused
Motion To:
J. Sudds
R. Chiarelli (a)
G. Darouze (a)
J. Leiper (a)
T. Tierney (a)


Motion Yes No Absent/Recused
Motion To: Moved by / Motion de: COUNCILLOR J. SUDDS WHEREAS the City of Ottawa is committed to advancing Smart City 2.0, Ottawa’s Smart City Strategy, as adopted by Council in November 2017; and WHEREAS Smart City 2.0 is centred on three goals of achieving a Connected City, a Smart Economy, and an Innovative Government, with corresponding goals, initiatives and investments that will work to make Ottawa a smarter city than it is today; and WHEREAS responsibility for the Smart City Strategy resides within the Service Innovation and Performance Department, which currently reports on its activities through the Finance and Economic Development Committee; and WHEREAS the Information Technology Sub-committee has an ongoing mandate to investigate information technology products and services that provide improved access to City services by the public, better communication with the public, and increased accountability to the public while protecting privacy, as well as enhancing management and
R. Chiarelli
G. Darouze
T. Tierney
J. Sudds
J. Leiper (a)


Motion Yes No Absent/Recused
Motion To: hat the Information Technology Sub-committee (ITSC) recommend that Council, sitting as Committee of the Whole, approve the ITSC portion of the 2019 Draft Operating and Capital Budget, as follows: 1. The Information Technology Services Budget as follows: a. Information Technology Services Operating Resource Requirement (pp. 3-4 of the ITSC budget book); b. ITSC Capital Budget (p. 5 of the ITSC budget book), individual projects listed on page 11.
R. Chiarelli
G. Darouze
T. Tierney
J. Sudds
J. Leiper (a)

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Rick Chiarelli 613-580-2478
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Jeff Leiper 613-580-2485
Tim Tierney 613-580-2481