Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee

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Item/File Ext.
minutes 20 - meeting of 6 october 2016 of the agriculture and rural affairs committee
DRAFT (EN).doc
DRAFT (FR).doc
ara 02 - 16 - feasibility to have 911 blade signs picked up at a client service centres
Inquiry ARA 02-16 - Feasibility to have 911 Blade Signs picked up at a C .pdf
2017 draft operating and capital budget - agriculture and rural affairs committee
Report - ARAC Budget.pdf
Document 1 EN -Transmittal Report - 2017 Draft Operating and Capital Budgets.pdf
Document 1 FR - Transmittal Report (FR) - 2017 Draft Operating and Capital Budgets.pdf
Document 2 - 2017 Draft Budget ARAC Condensed EN.pdf
Document 2 - 2017 Draft Budget ARAC Condensed FR.pdf
Document 2 - 2017 Draft Budget ARAC EN.pdf
status update - agriculture and rural affairs committee inquiries and motions - for the period ending 17 november 2016
Report - Inquiries and Motions
Document 1 - 2014-2018 Outstanding Motions - Departmental Log.pdf
public works and environmental services
knl lands - proposed drainage diversion to the kizell municipal drain - report findings and recommendations and appointment of engineer for supplemental study and report
Report - Kizell Municipal Drain Improvements.pdf
Document 1 - Kizell Location Plan.pdf
Document 2 - Kizell MD Engineers Report.pdf
mckinnon's creek petition for drainage works - appointment of engineer
Report - McKinnons Creek Petition for Drainage Works.pdf
Document 1 - McKinnons Creek Location Plan.pdf
zoning by-law amendment - part of 4175 anderson road
Report - 4175 Anderson Rd.pdf
Overview Data Sheet - 4175 Anderson Road.pdf
Possibly related devapp: D08-01-15/B-00417
Possibly related devapp: D08-01-15/B-00418
Possibly related devapp: D08-01-15/B-00345
Possibly related devapp: D08-01-15/B-00346
Possibly related devapp: D08-01-15/B-00382
Possibly related devapp: D08-01-15/B-00383
Possibly related devapp: D08-01-15/B-00362
Possibly related devapp: D08-01-15/B-00363
Possibly related devapp: D08-01-15/B-00423
Possibly related devapp: D08-01-15/B-00428
Possibly related devapp: D08-01-15/B-00439
Possibly related devapp: D08-02-15/A-00391
Possibly related devapp: D08-01-15/B-00445
Possibly related devapp: D08-02-15/A-00312
Possibly related devapp: D08-01-15/B-00345,
Possibly related devapp: D02-02-16-0078
zoning by-law amendment - 471 sangeet place
Report - 471 Sangeet Pl.pdf
Overview Data Sheet - 471 Sangeet Place.pdf
Possibly related devapp: D01-01-11-0013
Possibly related devapp: D07-16-09-0022
Possibly related devapp: D02-02-16-0062
zoning by-law amendment - 4000 canaan road
Report - 4000 CANAAN ROAD.pdf
Overview Data Sheet - 4000 Canaan Road.pdf
Possibly related devapp: D02-02-16-0044
zoning by-law amendment - part of 711 vances side road
Report - Part of 711 Vances Side Road.pdf
Overview Data Sheet - 711 Vances Side Road.pdf
Possibly related devapp: D02-02-14-0130
zoning by-law amendment - part of 2469 forced road
Report - 2469 Forced Road.pdf
Overview Data Sheet - Part of 2469 Forced Road.pdf
Possibly related devapp: D02-02-16-0067
official plan and zoning by-law amendment - 6265 perth street and pin 044370215
Report - 6265 Perth St.pdf
Overview Data Sheet - 6265 Perth Street.pdf
Possibly related devapp: D01-01-16-0013
Possibly related devapp: D02-02-16-0050
Possibly related devapp: D07-12-17-0042
official plan and zoning by-law amendments - 6219 and 6317 dwyer hill road
Report - 6219 and 6317 Dwyer Hill Road.docx
Possibly related devapp: D02-02-16-0077
Possibly related devapp: D01-01-16-0016
official plan and zoning by-law amendments - 3150 and 3200 rideau road
Report - 3150 AND 3200 RIDEAU ROAD.pdf
Overview Data Sheet - 3150 and 3200 Rideau Road.pdf
Possibly related devapp: D01-01-16-0010
Possibly related devapp: D02-02-16-0029
zoning by-law amendment - temporary campgrounds at city facilities for canada day weekend 2017
Report - Temporary Campgrounds.pdf
official plan amendment 2016
Report - Official Plan Amendment 2016.pdf
Document 1 - Draft Official Plan Amendment 2016_Nov 10.pdf
Document 2 - Growth Projections for Ottawa.pdf
Document 3 - Ottawa ELR 2036 Update.pdf
Document 4 - VILS 2015.pdf
Document 5 - Assessments of Conversions.pdf
Document 6 - Growth Projections Addendum.pdf
Document 7 - LEAR Volume 1.pdf
Document 8 - LEAR Volume 2 Data.pdf
Document 9 - Letter from OMAFRA.pdf
Document 10 - LEAR implementation Report.pdf
Document 11 Summary of Official Plan Changes Nov 10.pdf
Document 12 Sections of OPAs repealed.pdf
2017 updates to the ontario wildlife damage compensation program
Ontario Wildlife Damage Comp Update.pdf
Document 1 - 2017 OWDCP Guidelines.pdf
councillor e. el-chantiry
riddell drive be re-named 'cameron harvey drive'
Report - El-Chantiry - Cameron Harvey Drive.pdf
status update for all terrain vehicle trail network
IPD B - ATV Trail Update.pdf

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Everyone is entitled to attend committee meetings and provide a verbal statement (up to 5 minutes long) before Councillors vote on each agenda item. If you are not able to attend a meeting, you can also email your comments to councillors. Either way, your statements become part of the official record - and this is the single most important step to shaping the outcome of your city.

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Committee Members:
Name Last Email Phone
George Darouze 613-580-2490
Eli El-Chantiry 613-580-2475
Allan Hubley 613-580-2752
Scott Moffatt 613-580-2491
Vacant Vacant 613-580-2489