Committee of Adjustment-2

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Item/File Ext.
2124 wayne
2124WayneNoticeA -s.pdf
2124WayneAvisA -s.pdf
2126RiceCirculationA EN -s.pdf
2124WayneCirculation FR -s.pdf
255 ste. anne
255SteAnneNoticeA -s.pdf
255SteAnneAvisA -s.pdf
255SteAnneCirculation EN -s.pdf
255SteAnneCirculation FR -s.pdf
255SteAnnePlansA -s.pdf
1 trillium
1TrilliumNoticeA -s.pdf
1TrilliumAvisA -s.pdf
1Trillium1 EN-s.pdf
1Trillium1 FR -s.pdf
1TrilliumPlansA -s.pdf
1601 michael
1601MichaelNoticeB -s.pdf
1601MichaelCirculation EN -s.pdf
1601MichaelCirculation FR -s.pdf
1601MichaelPlansB -s.pdf
2055 tenth line
2055TenthLineNoticeA -s.pdf
2055TenthLineAvisA -s.pdf
2055TenthLineCirculation EN - s.pdf
2055TenthLineCirculation FR -s.pdf
2055TenthLinePlansA -s.pdf
4080 belgreen
4080BelgreenNoticeB -s.pdf
4080BelgreenAvisB -s.pdf
4080BelgreenCirculationB EN -s.pdf
4080BelgreenCirculationB FR-s.pdf
4080BelgreenPlansB -s.pdf
1546 claymor
1546ClaymorNoticeB -s.pdf
1546ClaymorAvisB -s.pdf
1546ClaymorCirculationB EN -s.pdf
1546ClaymorCirculationB FR -s.pdf
1546ClaymorPlansB -s.pdf
252 richardson
252RichardsonNoticeB -s.pdf
252RichardsonAvisB -s.pdf
252RichardsonCirculation EN -s.pdf
252RichardsonCirculation FR -s.pdf
252RichardsonPlans -s.pdf
252 richardson
252RichardsonNoticeA -s.pdf
252RichardsonAvisA -s.pdf
252RichardsonCirculation EN -s.pdf
252RichardsonCirculation FR -s.pdf
252RichardsonPlans1 -s.pdf
1398 chatelain
2981398 Chatelain - Notice B -s.pdf
7601398 Chatelain -Avis B -s.pdf
5501398 Chatelain - Circulation B EN -s.pdf
5501398 Chatelain - Circulation B FR-s.pdf
5871398 Chatelain - Plans B -s.pdf
2191 bantree
4462191 Bantree - Notice A -s.pdf
8422191 Bantree - Avis A -s.pdf
6282191 Bantree - Circulation A EN -s.pdf
6282191 Bantree - Circulation A FR -s.pdf
7482191 Bantree - Plans A -s.pdf
1415 normandy
7441415 Normandy - Notice B -s.pdf
4331415 Normandy - Avis B -s.pdf
1641415 Normandy - Circulation EN -s.pdf
1641415 Normandy - Circulation FR -s.pdf
3421415 Normandy - Plans B -s.pdf
1415 normandy
5771415 Normandy - Notice A -s.pdf
7621415 Normandy - Avis A -s.pdf
1641415 Normandy - Circulation EN -s.pdf
1641415 Normandy - Circulation FR -s.pdf
9661415 Normandy - Plans A -s.pdf
2126 rice
2126RiceNOTICEA -s.pdf
2126RiceAVISA -s.pdf
2126RiceCirculationA EN -s.pdf
2126RiceCirculationA FR -s.pdf
2126RicePlansA -s.pdf
4225 strandherd
4225StrandherdNOTICEB -s.pdf
4225StrandherdAVISB -s.pdf
4225StrandherdCirculationB EN -s.pdf
4225StrandherdCirculationB FR -s.pdf
4225StrandherdPlan B -s.pdf

Public Comment Contact Information

Everyone is entitled to attend committee meetings and provide a verbal statement (up to 5 minutes long) before Councillors vote on each agenda item. If you are not able to attend a meeting, you can also email your comments to councillors. Either way, your statements become part of the official record - and this is the single most important step to shaping the outcome of your city.

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