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declarations of interest
minutes 4 - june 15, 2015
AC Minutes 4 (EN) (DRAFT).doc
AC Minutes 4 (FR) (DRAFT).doc
office of the auditor general - report on audit follow-ups and detailed audit follow-up reports
Report - Office of the Auditor General - Report on Audit Follow-ups and detailed audit follow-up reports.docx
01 - Document 1 (EN).pdf
01 - Document 1 (FR).pdf
a - Follow up Budget Growth Funding.pdf
a - Suivi de la budgétisation.pdf
b - OCT Cancelled Buses.pdf
b - Suivi des comm trajets autobus3.pdf
c Occupational Health and Safety
c Suivi Santé et Sécurité.pdf
d - Performance Measurement.pdf
d - Mesure du rendement.pdf
e - Follow-up Procurement General.pdf
e - Suivi pratiques approvisionnement.pdf
f - Follow up Procurement Practices Hedging.pdf
f - Suivi activités de couverture pratiques dapprovisionnement.pdf
g - Corporate Communications.pdf
g - Suivi Communications.pdf
h - Follow up HR Master Plan1.pdf
h - Suivi Plan directeur des rh2.pdf
i - Follow up Vacant positions1.pdf
i - Suivi postes vacants2.pdf
j - OC Transpo Sched Process Bus Operators4.pdf
j - Suivi Horaires des chauffeurs2.pdf

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ITEM: Minutes 4 - June 15, 2015

Motion Yes No Absent/Recused
Motion To:
B. Monette
J. Cloutier
A. Hubley
E. El-Chantiry (a)
G. Darouze (a)
M. Wilkinson (a)


Motion Yes No Absent/Recused
Motion To: WHEREAS the Supporting Documentation titled “Report on Audit Follow-ups and detailed audit follow-up reports – Tabled at Audit Committee October 8, 2015” was not circulated with the agenda package; THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Audit Committee approve the addition of these documents for consideration by the Committee at today’s meeting, pursuant to section 89(3) of the procedure by-law (being by-law no. 2014-441).
B. Monette
J. Cloutier
G. Darouze
A. Hubley
E. El-Chantiry (a)
M. Wilkinson (a)
Motion To: WHEREAS on December 3, 2014, City Council approved the 2014-2018 Council Governance Review report, which included that both the Terms of Reference for the Transit Commission and the reporting protocols for the Auditor General be revised such that audits related to OC Transpo operational matters would be referred to the Transit Commission for the consideration of the Transit Commission as part of the standard practice; THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Audit Committee refer the following audit follow-ups to the Transit Commission, as the matters referenced in these follow-ups fall within the Transit Commission’s delegated authority: • Audit of OC Transpo Communication of Cancelled Bus Trips; • Audit of OC Transpo Scheduling Process for Bus Operators
B. Monette
J. Cloutier
G. Darouze
A. Hubley
E. El-Chantiry (a)
M. Wilkinson (a)

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Committee Members:
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Jean Cloutier 613-580-2488
George Darouze 613-580-2490
Eli El-Chantiry 613-580-2475
Allan Hubley 613-580-2752
Matthew Luloff 613-580-2471
Jenna Sudds 613-580-2474