Ottawa Public Library Board

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educational - alternative services
chief executive officer delegation of authority amendments
OPLB20150042 - DOA Amendments.docx
OPLB20150042 - Document 1 - Delegation of Authority.docx
chief executive officer delegation of authority annual reporting
OPLB20150043 - DOA.docx
first quarter 2015 financial statements
OPL20150045 - First Quarter 2015 Financial Statements.docx
OPLB20150045 - Appendix A 2015 Q1 Financial Report.xlsx
OPLB20150045 - Appendix B 2015 Forecast Report Q1.xlsx
OPLB20150045 - Appendix C 2015 Q1 External Funds Report.xlsx
OPLB20150045 - Appendix D Report on Contract Expenditures 2015.xlsx
OPLB20150045 - Appendix E 2015 Q1 Board Budget.xlsx
OPLB20150045 - Appendix F Capital Report Q1 2015.xlsx
organizational review verbal update