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minutes 24 - 5 december 2012
trc 09-12 - graffiti vinyl wrap pilot project (tierney)
TRC Inq 09-12 Graffiti Vinyl Wrap Pilot Project.pdf
trc 10-12 - interprovincial crossings 2 (fleury)
TRC 10-12 - Fleury - Interprovincial Crossings2.pdf
trc 11-12 - school crossing guards (clark)
TRC Inq 11-12 - School Crossing Guards.pdf
other correspondence received
petition re roadway conditions on steamer lane
status update - transportation committee inquiries and motions for the period ending 30 january 2013
PrimaryStatus of Outstanding Motions and Inquiries.docx
westboro local area parking study
PrimaryWestboro Local Area Parking Study.docx
Doc 1 - Study.docx
Document 1 Appendices.pdf
Document 2 – Stakeholder Feedback.docx
councillor b. monette
steamer lane - condition of roadway
PrimarySteamer Lane - Condition of Roadway.docx
Document 1.pdf
paint it up program 2012 annual program results - information report
Paint It Up Program 2012 Annual Program Results – - Primary-Paint It Up! Mural Program Update.docx
Paint It Up Program 2012 Annual Program Results – - 2012 Paint It Up! Mural Program Update final french.docx

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Everyone is entitled to attend committee meetings and provide a verbal statement (up to 5 minutes long) before Councillors vote on each agenda item. If you are not able to attend a meeting, you can also email your comments to councillors. Either way, your statements become part of the official record - and this is the single most important step to shaping the outcome of your city.

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