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confirmation of the minutes of the council meeting of 24 february 2021
amo policy update - province provides additional transit funding, municipal modernization funding, and 34 public health unit vaccination plans together
amo policy update - new 2021 covid-19 relief funding
amo policy update - phase ii of vaccinations plan, bill 257 - supporting broadband and infrastructure expansion act, and firefighter training modernization
amo policy update - municipal councillor code of conduct consultations
no regrets filed.
zoning by-law amendment - 1705 carling avenue
Possibly related devapp: D07-12-18-0062
Possibly related devapp: D07-05-19-0005
Possibly related devapp: D02-02-20-0033
Possibly related devapp: D07-12-20-0048
zoning by-law amendment - part of 7070 mansfield road
Report - 7070 Mansfield Rd.docx
flewellyn/goulbourn local planning appeal tribunal settlement
Report - Flewellyn LPAT Settlement.docx
housing services long range financial plan
Report - Housing Services LRFP.docx
Draft Minute Extract.docx
10-year housing and homelessness workplan 2021-2022
Report - Housing and Homelessness Workplan 2021-2022 (EN).docx
Report - Housing and Homelessness Workplan 2021-2022 (FR).docx
Draft Minute Extract.docx
Document 1 - work plan (EN).docx
Document 1 - work plan (FR).docx
housing blitz and request for offers to seek additional temporary accommodation for homeless families (arising from report acs2021-ccs-cps-0002 tabor apartments - re-house 24 families and cease the per diem)
Report - Tabor Apartments (EN).docx
Report - Tabor Apartments (FR).docx
Draft Minute Extract.docx
motion - confederation line contigency funding
Report - Motion - LRT.docx
Draft Minute Extract.docx
development charge complaint - 500 preston street
Report - Development Charge Complaint - 500 Preston
Document 2 - DC Complaint
PC Extract of Draft Minutes
Possibly related devapp: D02-02-11-0057
Possibly related devapp: D07-12-13-0187
Possibly related devapp: D08-01-15/B-00449
Possibly related devapp: D08-01-15/B-00450
Possibly related devapp: D08-02-15/A-00400
Possibly related devapp: D08-02-20/A-00235
zoning by-law amendment - 1770 heatherington road
Report - Zoning 1770 Heatherington Rd
PC Extract of Draft Minutes
official plan amendment - corso italia station district secondary plan; zoning by-law amendments - minimum parking requirements for corso italia station district; and 818 gladstone avenue and 933 gladstone avenue
Report - OP Zoning Corso Italia Station District and parts of Gladstone
Document 3 - Appendix 3
Document 11 - Letters Received
PC Extract of Draft Minutes
Possibly related devapp: D07-05-19-0002
albion road traffic study recommendations (bank street to lester road)
Report (EN) - Albion Road Traffic Study.docx
Report (FR) - Albion Road Traffic Study.docx
Document 1 - Albion Proposed Design.pdf
TRC Draft Minute Extract
blair road transit priority and high occupancy vehicle lanes (blair station to innes road) environmental assessment study recommendations
Report (EN) - Blair Road Transit Priority and HOV Lanes EA Recommendations.docx
Report (FR) - Blair Road Transit Priority and HOV Lanes EA Recommendations.docx
Document 1 - Design Options and Assessment of the Road Widening.docx
Document 2 - Functional Design of Recommended Plan (1).docx
TRC Draft Minute Extract
strategic road safety action plan annual report
Report (EN) - 2021 Strategic Road Safety Action Plan Report.docx
Report (FR) - 2021 Strategic Road Safety Action Plan Report.docx
Document 1 - 2020 RSAP - Implementation Plan - Status Update.pdf
Document 2 - 2021 RSAP - Implementation Plan.pdf
Document 3 - Estimated Road Safety-Related 2020
Document 4 - Potential 30 kph Gateway Areas for Core Residential Neighbourhoods and the ByWard Market.pdf
TRC Draft Minute Extract
patio innovation program 2021
Report - Patio Innovation Program.docx
TRC Draft Minute Extract.pdf
official plan and zoning - 1164 and 1166 highcroft drive
Report - 1164 and 1166 Highcroft Dr.docx
Possibly related devapp: D07-12-19-0151
Possibly related devapp: D01-01-19-0016
Possibly related devapp: D02-02-19-0108
Possibly related devapp:
2020 statement of remuneration, benefits & expenses paid to members of council and council appointees
Report - 2020 Remuneration Benefits and Expenses.docx
Accessible - ACS2021-FSD-FIN-0002 2020 Remuneration Benefits and Expenses_SIRE Version.pdf
Document 1 - Members of Council.pdf
Document 2 - Council Appointees.pdf
comprehensive legal services report for the period july 1 to december 31, 2020
Report - Comprehensive Legal Services Q3-Q4 2020.docx
appointments to the shaw centre board of directors
Report - Shaw Centre appointment report.docx
fee simple property acquisition of 1010 somerset street, city of ottawa
Report - Somerset.docx
Document 3 - Collaborative Benefits (Agreement Framework). Nov. 9, 2020pdf.pdf
Document 3 - Ltr_Stavinga_Souchen_Ottawa_1010 Somerset.pdf
Document 4 - Purchase and Sale Agreement (1010 Somerset Street).pdf
Document 5 - 1010 Somerset Ottawa.pdf
Document 6 - City CEPEO MOU.pdf
zoning by-law amendment - 225 cope drive
Report - Zoning 225 Cope Drive
PC Extract of Draft Minutes
Possibly related devapp: D02-02-20-0115
zoning by-law amendment - 991 carling avenue
Report - Zoning 991 Carling Ave
PC Extract of Draft Minutes
Possibly related devapp: D02-02-15-0077
Possibly related devapp: D02-02-20-0110
2020 annual report pursuant to the building code act
Report - 2020 Report Building Code Act
summary of oral and written public submissions for items subject to the planning act 'explanation requirements' at the city council meeting of february 24, 2020
Summary of Submissions - Planning Matters approved February 24, 2021.docx
Doc 1_Summary of submissions-ACS2021-PIE-PS-0007_Zoning_847_Woodroffe.docx
Doc 2_Summary of submissions-ACS2021-PIE-PS-0002_Zoning_300 Mìwàte.docx
Doc 3_Summary of submissions-ACS2021-PIE-EDP-0002_East_Urban_Community_Phase_3_Area.docx
Doc 4_Summary of submissions-ACS2021-PIE-EDP-0007_Zoning_Westboro_Infill_Study.docx
Doc 5_Summary of submissions-ACS2021-PIE-PS-0005_Zoning_parts_of_Byron_and_Ravenhill.docx
Doc 6_Summary of submissions-ACS2021-PIE-PS-0018_Zoning_593_Laurier_Ave_W.docx
Doc 7_Summary of submissions-ACS2021-PIE-PS-0025_Zoning_191_Norice.docx
notice of intent from the light rail regulatory monitor and compliance officer to submit the annual compliance report to the march 17, 2021 meeting of the transit commission.

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Jean Cloutier 613-580-2488
George Darouze 613-580-2490
Diane Deans 613-580-2480
Laura Dudas 613-580-2472
Keith Egli 613-580-2479
Eli El-Chantiry 613-580-2475
Mathieu Fleury 613-580-2482
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Allan Hubley 613-580-2752
Theresa Kavanagh 613-580-2477
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Shawn Menard 613-580-2487
Scott Moffatt 613-580-2491
Jenna Sudds 613-580-2474
Tim Tierney 613-580-2481
Vacant Vacant 613-580-2489
Jim Watson 613-580-2496