Chapman, Roger : Dir, By-Law

Lobbied Lobbyist Client Issue Date Activity
Chapman, Roger : Dir, By-Law & Regulatory Services Jeff Polowin Coventry Connections Inc. Taxi issues 2018-02-14 Meeting
        2018-03-27 Meeting
Chapman, Roger : Dir, By-Law & Regulatory Services Shane Mackenzie Airbnb Ireland UC Participate in discussions regarding the future of the sharing economy, including the role of the City of Ottawa in modernizing frameworks applicable to home sharing, in order to promote tourism and t 2018-04-09 Email
Chapman, Roger : Dir, By-Law & Regulatory Services Chris Schafer Uber Canada, Inc. Issues relating to the provision of smartphone applications to connect users with licensed transportation providers. 2018-04-11 Email
        2018-04-09 Email
        2018-03-27 Email
        2018-02-27 Email
        2018-02-21 Email
        2018-01-31 Email
        2018-01-30 Telephone
        2018-01-29 Email
        2018-01-12 Email
        2018-01-09 Email
        2017-12-20 Email
        2017-11-17 Email
        2017-11-08 Email
        2017-11-06 Telephone
        2017-10-26 Email
        2017-10-24 Email
        2017-10-12 Email
        2017-09-11 Email
        2017-09-08 Email
        2017-09-06 Email
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