Late Lobbying Report

This report is no longer available.

Ottawa's Integrity Commissioner has confirmed for Ottwatch that at least two "reported on" dates for lobbying activities were wrong in the Ottwatch data. This puts the entire "late lobbying report" on thin ice since I can't know what other records could be wrong.

I would like to believe the overwhelming majority of the activities were correct (my own was).

But since I can't double-check the data, and now I've been told at least some of it was wrong, it all has to go.

Hopefully in future the official Lobbyist Registry will expose the "reported on" date to the public. I think it's valuable information to know which lobbyists fail to be compliant from day one - or which veteran lobbyists skip a prompt filing.

I've previously suggested making the "reported on" date available to the Integry Comissioner.

January, 2014

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