Discussions and demonstrations of DataFix election solutions.


Geoff Day



Date Activity Lobbied
2017-06-12 Meeting Cox, Tyler : Mgr, Legislative Services 2017-06-13
    Stevanovic, Milan : Prg Mgr, Elections 2017-06-13
2016-08-05 Email Cox, Tyler : Mgr, Elections 2016-08-05
2016-07-21 Meeting Brooks, Douglas : Prj Mgr, Project Services & Solutions 2016-07-22
    Cox, Tyler : Mgr, Elections 2016-07-22
    Gebhart, Jessica : Elections Coordinator 2016-07-22
    Stevanovic, Milan : Prg Mgr, Elections 2016-07-22
    Yuan, Tian-Chi Connie : Prj Leader, Technology Infrastructure 2016-07-22
2016-06-13 Meeting Cox, Tyler : Mgr, Elections 2016-06-22

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