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Garbage Collection

What is your stance on garbage collection, particularly in the summer months? (Alta Vista)

Billings Bridge Safety

The intersection of Bank Street and Riverside consistently has a high number of collisions with cyclists, including a fatal collision last August. What will you do to make sure that this area is made safer for cyclists? (Capital)

Do you support funding cycling at a level that is equal to the proportion of trips made by bike?


Park space

What approaches are available to ensure that there is enough park, sports and community centre space in our quickly growing ward? Dovercourt and Plant are wonderful, but still small and full already, and there are no sizable filed or rink facilities anywhere nearby. With increasing density in our ward and in neighbouring wards, this community (from kids to seniors) really needs some additional capacity. (Kitchissippi)

What piece of cycling infrastructure is needed next in this ward?


What's stopping us from turning "kill strips" into cycletracks?

Greenbank and Merivale roads are both very uncomfortable for bicycling, so most cyclists choose to ride on the sidewalk. Both also have an asphalt "kill strip" which is pretty continuous and quite bikeable. I usually ride on the kill strip, and it seems like this would require only some pretty minor changes to make it into a real cycletrack. What is stopping us from making Greenbank and Merivale Rds. bike-friendly? Example image on Greenbank Rd.: http://goo.gl/maps/3fMWp (Knoxdale Merivale)

What is your position on Uber?

Uber as announced intention to try and expand to Ottawa. So far most of the official reaction is they must register as a cab company and use licensed cabbies. We all know Ottawa has some of the most expensive cabs on the continent. Would you let Uber operate as they do in other cities? (Knoxdale Merivale)

What would you do to improve the water quality of the Rideau River in our ward?


Where do you stand on Ranked Choice Voting?

With growing support for ranked choice voting, where do you stand on Ranked Choice Voting? (River)

What are your main concerns about transit in Ottawa and how do you plan to address them?


What is the most pressing issue in our ward?

If elected what is the issue that you would tackle first? (River)

Residential parking permits in Centretown

Parking in Centretown is challenging; for residents who don't have parking spots it can be a nightmare. It can be ridiculously expensive to own a car and live downtown. Does anyone have any ideas about how to make downtown a little more friendly for car owners? (shortended for length; see full question text below in comments -kevin) (Somerset)

What is your vision for Stittsville Main Street?

Stittsville Main Street is a mess. Boarded up buildings, empty lots, abandoned townhomes. Not to mention traffic congestion and no bike lanes. What are some concrete steps that you will take in the next four years to improve conditions on the street? (Stittsville)

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