Campaign Donations

(Not this city)
year ward candidate donor amount address city postal date type pin
20140Watson, JimK. D. Holdings Ltd.$500.00280 METCALFE ST OttawaK2P1R7Corporate/Union
20100O'Brien, LarryColonnade Restaurant Ottawa Ltd.$500.00280 Metcalfe St.OttawaK2P1R7Corporate/Union
20100Watson, JimDahdouh, K.$500.00280 Metcalfe St.OttawaK2P1R7Individual over $100
201012Bédard, GeorgesOttawa & District Labour Council/Conseil du travail d'Ottawa et du district$200.00280 Metcalfe St., 5th floorOttawaK2P1R7Corporate/Union
201014Holmes, DianeColonnade Ottawa Restaurant$250.00280 Metcalfe St.OttawaK2P1R7Corporate/Union
201015Leadman, ChristineOttawa & District Labour Council$200.00280 Metcalfe St., 5th floorOttawaK2P1R7Corporate/Union
20060Chiarelli, RobertColonade Restaurant Ottawa, Ltd.$250.00280 Metcalfe StreetOttawaK2P1R7Unclassified
20060Chiarelli, RobertV.K. Whittaker$750.00280 Metcalfe St.OttawaK2P1R7Unclassified
20063Harder, JanMonarch Corporation$750.00300-280 Metcalfe StreetOttawaK2P1R7Unclassified
20032Bloess, RainerWhittaker, VK$200.00280 Metcalfe, Apt 300OttawaK2P1R7Unclassified
Total Amount$4,100.00
Total from Corporate/Union$1,650.00 (40%)
Total from Individual over $100$500.00 (12%)
Total from Unclassified$1,950.00 (48%)
Total Donations10Does not include the number of donations of $100 or less, if any.
Total Candidates9