Campaign Donations

(Not this city)
year ward candidate donor amount address city postal date type pin
20184Gourlay, DavidMegan Cornell$150.00208 Wa;dem DroveOttawaK2K2K62018-05-15Unclassified
20184Muirhead, MattCornell, Megan$200.00208 Walden DriveOttawaK2K2K62018-09-19Unclassified
20184Sudds, JennaMegan Cornell$200.00208 Walden DriveOttawaK2K2K62018-05-15Unclassified
20140Watson, JimCornell, Megan$250.00208 Walden Dr.OttawaK2K2K6Individual over $100
20144Muirhead, MattConboy, Craig$750.00208 Walden DriveOttawaK2K2K6Individual over $100
20144Muirhead, MattCornell, Megan$750.00208 Walden Dr.OttawaK2K2K6Individual over $100
20144Wilkinson, MarianneConboy, Craig$300.00208 WALDEN DR OttawaK2K2K6Individual over $100
201422Qaqish, MichaelCornell, Megan A.$200.00208 WALDEN DR OttawaK2K2K6Individual over $100
20100Watson, JimMegan Cornell$300.00208 Walden Dr.OttawaK2K2K6Individual over $100
201017Metcalfe, IsabelCornell, Ms Megan$250.00208 Walden Dr.OttawaK2K2K6Individual over $100
Total Amount$3,350.00
Total from Unclassified$550.00 (16%)
Total from Individual over $100$2,800.00 (84%)
Total Donations10Does not include the number of donations of $100 or less, if any.
Total Candidates9