Campaign Donations

(Not this city)
year ward candidate donor amount address city postal date type pin
20180Watson, JimBassi, Giovanni$1,200.0031 First Ave, Unit 304OttawaK1S2G12018-05-07Unclassified
20180Watson, JimGraham, Lynn$750.0031 First Ave unit 204OttawaK1S2G12018-05-04Unclassified
201811Tierney, TimNeil Zaret$200.0033 First Ave, Apt 303OttawaK1S2G12018-10-18Unclassified
201820Darouze, GeorgeBassi, Giovanni A.$1,200.0031 First Ave Unit 304OttawaK1S2G12018-08-30Unclassified
201820Darouze, GeorgeBassi, Maria$1,200.0031 First Avenue, Apt 304OttawaK1S2G12018-08-30Unclassified
201820Darouze, GeorgeMaria Bassi$1,200.0031 First Avenue, Unit 304OttawaK1S2G12018-12-14Unclassified
20140Watson, JimGraham, Lynn$750.0031 First Ave, Suite 204OttawaK1S2G1Individual over $100
20140Watson, JimScott, David$200.0027 FIRST AVE, Unit 302OttawaK1S2G1Individual over $100
201412Fleury, MathieuScott, David$250.00302-27 First AvenueOttawaK1S2G1Individual over $100
20100Watson, JimGordon, Robert$200.0051B First Ave.OttawaK1S2G1Individual over $100
20100Watson, JimGraham, John$550.0031 First. Ave., Suite 204OttawaK1S2G1Individual over $100
20100Watson, JimGraham, Lynn$750.0031 First Avenue, Suite 204OttawaK1S2G1Individual over $100
20100Watson, JimScott, Alison$500.00302-27 First Ave.OttawaK1S2G1Individual over $100
20100Watson, JimScott, David$300.0027 First Ave. Suite 302OttawaK1S2G1Individual over $100
20100Watson, JimTaggart, Thomas$300.0057C First Ave.OttawaK1S2G1Individual over $100
20109O'Grady, JamesScott, David$400.00302-27 First Ave.OttawaK1S2G1Individual over $100
201015Leadman, ChristineTaggart,P Thomas$250.0057C First Ave. OttawaK1S2G1Individual over $100
Total Amount$10,200.00
Total from Unclassified$5,750.00 (56%)
Total from Individual over $100$4,450.00 (44%)
Total Donations17Does not include the number of donations of $100 or less, if any.
Total Candidates8