Campaign Donations

(Not this city)
year ward candidate donor amount address city postal date type pin
20140Watson, JimOttawa Gastrointestinal Institute$750.00372 ROGER RD OttawaK1H5C4Corporate/Union
20063Harder, JanKane, Timothy M.$750.00418 Roger RoadOttawaK1H5C4Unclassified
20065El-Chantiry, EliKane, Tim$750.00418 Roger Rd.OttawaK1H5C4Unclassified
200610Deans, DianeKane, T. M.$750.00418 Roger RoadOttawaK1H5C4Unclassified
200616McRae, MariaKane, Tim$750.00418 Rogers RoadOttawaK1H5C4Unclassified
Total Amount$3,750.00
Total from Corporate/Union$750.00 (20%)
Total from Unclassified$3,000.00 (80%)
Total Donations5Does not include the number of donations of $100 or less, if any.
Total Candidates5