Campaign Donations

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year ward candidate donor amount address city postal date type pin
20185El-Chantiry, EliBeck, Glen A$200.002322 Galetta Side RdOttawaK0A1X02018-09-25Unclassified
20185Varga-Toth, JudiCollier, Gordon Bruce$250.00252 Moorhead DriveOttawaK0A1X02018-09-15Unclassified
20185Varga-Toth, JudiPotter, Suzanne$500.005532 Ferry RdOttawaK0A1X02018-09-14Unclassified
20145El-Chantiry, EliBeck, Glen$200.002322 GALETTA SIDE RD OttawaK0A1X0Individual over $100
20145El-Chantiry, EliStewart, Ken$200.001973 Aylwin Rd.Fitzoy HarbourK0A1X0Individual over $100
20145Mark, JonathanJardine, Ben$500.001969 Galetta RoadOttawaK0A1X0Individual over $100
20145Mark, JonathanJardine, Tracey$500.001969 Galetta Side Rd.Fitzroy HarbourK0A1X0Individual over $100
20145Mark, JonathanMurphy, Joan$200.004732 Newtown Road RR1OttawaK0A1X0Individual over $100
20145Mark, JonathanSmith, Gail$500.001967 Galetta Side RoadOttawaK0A1X0Individual over $100
20065El-Chantiry, EliEagle Creek Cabinet Company$150.002322 Galetta Side RoadOttawaK0A1X0Unclassified
Total Amount$3,200.00
Total from Unclassified$1,100.00 (34%)
Total from Individual over $100$2,100.00 (66%)
Total Donations10Does not include the number of donations of $100 or less, if any.
Total Candidates5