Campaign Donations

(Not this city)
year ward candidate donor amount address city postal date type pin
20189Egli, KeithRonald F. Caza$600.004201 Chemin BoundaryCarlsbad SpringK0A1K02018-09-10Unclassified
20140Watson, JimCaza, Ronald$750.004201 BOUNDARY RD OttawaK0A1K0Individual over $100
20142Trépanier, FrançoisTijssen, Mark$200.004230 Boundary RoadOttawaK0A1K0Individual over $100
20149Egli, KeithCaza, Lyne and Ronald$250.004201 BOUNDARY RD OttawaK0A1K0Individual over $100
201412Fleury, MathieuCaza, Ronald$250.004201 ch BoundaryOttawaK0A1K0Individual over $100
201419Blais, StephenJuteau, Ronald$200.005220 PIPERVILLE RD OttawaK0A1K0Individual over $100
201420Darouze, GeorgeBrunet, Andre$575.004824 8th Line RoadOttawaK0A1K0Individual over $100
201422Hodge, ScottBrunet, Andre$375.004660 FARMERS WAY OttawaK0A1K0Individual over $100
20100O'Brien, LarryWestern Signs & Line Painting Ltd$112.505779 Russell RdCarlsbad SpringsK0A1K0Corporate/Union
20100O'Brien, LarryLegault, Norman R.$300.006097 Russell Rd.OttawaK0A1K0Individual over $100
20100O'Brien, LarryMoffat, Andrew$750.006139 Russell Ave RR#2Carlsbad SpringsK0A1K0Individual over $100
20100Watson, JimAnderson Links Golf & Country Club$750.00Anderson Rd.OttawaK0A1K0Corporate/Union
20100Watson, JimCaza, Ron$750.004201 CH BoundaryOttawaK0A1K0Individual over $100
20100Watson, JimJusteau, Rob$500.005220 Eighth Line RdOttawaK0A1K0Individual over $100
201015Stringer, DanielDransfield, Don$337.335040 Hall Rd.Carlsbad SpringsK0A1K0Individual over $100
201019Jellett, RobertBrunet, Andre$500.004828 8th Line RoadOttawaK0A1K0Individual over $100
201019Jellett, RobertCaza, Ronald François$300.004201 Chemin BoundaryCarlsbad SpringsK0A1K0Individual over $100
201019Jellett, RobertJuteau, Ronald$200.005220 Eighth Line Rd.Carlsbad SpringsK0A1K0Individual over $100
20060Chiarelli, RobertCarlsbad Paving Inc.$500.006199 Russell Rd.OttawaK0A1K0Unclassified
20060Chiarelli, RobertCaza, Ronald Francois$300.004201 Ch. BoundaryOttawaK0A1K0Unclassified
20060Chiarelli, RobertLegault, Mr. Norman R.$750.006097 Russell Rd.OttawaK0A1K0Unclassified
Total Amount$9,249.83
Total from Unclassified$2,150.00 (23%)
Total from Individual over $100$6,237.33 (67%)
Total from Corporate/Union$862.50 (9%)
Total Donations21Does not include the number of donations of $100 or less, if any.
Total Candidates13