Campaign Donations

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year ward candidate donor amount address city postal date type pin
20149Egli, KeithAGB Lawyers Professional Corporation$100.001400 CLYDE AVE SUITE 208OttawaK2G3J2Corporate/Union
20149Egli, KeithAntionio Provenzano Pro Com Realty Corp$200.00142 NORICE STOttawaK2H2Y3Corporate/Union
20149Egli, KeithArnon Corporation$500.001801 Woodward DriveOttawaK2C0R3Corporate/Union
20149Egli, KeithAstron Engineering and Construction Ltd$100.0023 WYNFORD AVE OttawaK2G3Z2Corporate/Union
20149Egli, KeithCapital Sports and Entertainment$200.001000 PALLADIUM DR OttawaK2V1A5Corporate/Union
20149Egli, KeithFrank's Catering and Baked Goods$437.82283 Greenbank Rd.OttawaK2H8K0Corporate/Union
20149Egli, KeithGeorgia Paraskevakos and Harry Gregoropou$100.00244 MCCLELLAN RD OttawaK2H7W9Corporate/Union
20149Egli, KeithJYL Investments Inc$300.005 SUNDANCE CRT OttawaK2H8T4Corporate/Union
20149Egli, KeithMain and Main Developments Inc$300.0085 Hanna Ave, Suite 400TorontoM6K3S3Corporate/Union
20149Egli, KeithMeloshe & Associates Ltd$150.0014 COLONNADE RD, Suite 150OttawaK2E7K3Corporate/Union
20149Egli, KeithMonarch Corp.$200.002500 Victoria Park Ave., Ste 200TorontoM2J5A9Corporate/Union
20149Egli, KeithSean May Professional Corporation Barrister$500.00185 Somerset Street West, Suite 305OttawaK2P1J2Corporate/Union
20149Egli, KeithUniform Urban Developments$500.00117 CENTREPOINTE DR, #300OttawaK2G5X3Corporate/Union
20149Egli, KeithAngus, Peter$150.0015 REDFOX PL OttawaK2M1C8Individual over $100
20149Egli, KeithBartnik, Thomas and Dawan$200.005 Pemberton CresOttawaK2G4Y7Individual over $100
20149Egli, KeithBiddiscombe, Helene G.$250.00338 Wiffen PrivateOttawaK2H1G3Individual over $100
20149Egli, KeithCaza, Lyne and Ronald$250.004201 BOUNDARY RD OttawaK0A1K0Individual over $100
20149Egli, KeithChiarelli, Darryl$100.0065 DOWNSVIEW CRES OttawaK2G0A4Individual over $100
20149Egli, KeithCrimmon, K. J.$100.00114 Waterford DriveOttawaK2E7V4Individual over $100
20149Egli, KeithDenise De Laat & Philip J. Ritchie$100.00281 SUMMIT AVE OttawaK1H5Z7Individual over $100
20149Egli, KeithGoel, Nisthith & Nita$250.002 Woodsia Ave.OttawaK2E1A9Individual over $100
20149Egli, KeithGoel, Nita$250.002 Woodsai AveOttawaK2E1A9Individual over $100
20149Egli, KeithGrieve, Timothy$200.0096 Britannia RoadOttawaK2B5W5Individual over $100
20149Egli, KeithKanigsberg, Joel & Ellie$100.0010 MARKHAM AVE OttawaK2G3Y2Individual over $100
20149Egli, KeithKlicius, Raymond$100.0037 CHARING RD OttawaK2G4G2Individual over $100
20149Egli, KeithLal, Ben M.$200.0023 SHOREHAM AVE OttawaK2G3Y8Individual over $100
20149Egli, KeithLangevin, Jeffrey$100.0034 Baroness DrOttawaK2G6V6Individual over $100
20149Egli, KeithMartin, Mary Lyn$100.0017 MARKHAM AVE OttawaK2G3Z1Individual over $100
20149Egli, KeithMcBride, Ian$100.00522 KOCHAR DR OttawaK2C4H3Individual over $100
20149Egli, KeithMcCaw, Marilyn S.$100.00117 Beaver RidgeOttawaK2E6E5Individual over $100
20149Egli, KeithMcPherson, Margaret and Ian$100.0013 ELEANOR DR OttawaK2E6A3Individual over $100
20149Egli, KeithMiller, Jeffrey$200.0013 MANORGATE PL OttawaK2G6L3Individual over $100
20149Egli, KeithPetch, Susan$200.00529 Nova Scotia CourtOttawaN4S8Z3Individual over $100
20149Egli, KeithPhillips, Edward$750.003436 Prince of Wales DrOttawaK2G6X2Individual over $100
20149Egli, KeithPleet, Jeffrey and Felice$100.0033 Bridlegate PlaceOttawaK2G6M5Individual over $100
20149Egli, KeithRamadan, Nancy$250.0061 Shetland WayOttawaK2M1S4Individual over $100
20149Egli, KeithRoberts, Gordon L. & Loria A.$500.0028 BEECHCLIFFE ST OttawaK2G4X2Individual over $100
20149Egli, KeithRoderick, F. Graeme$200.0016 BROCKINGTON CRES OttawaK2G4K2Individual over $100
20149Egli, KeithSanders, Gregory & Tani$100.00450 MINTO PL OttawaK1M0A8Individual over $100
20149Egli, KeithSmith, Jeff$500.00258 Second AveOttawaK1S2H9Individual over $100
20149Egli, KeithStanden, Neil and Grannary, Teresa$100.0023 Waterford Dr.OttawaK2E7V4Individual over $100
20149Egli, KeithThomson, J. Lynn$250.00556 LAURIER AVE, Apt 307OttawaK1R7X2Individual over $100
20149Egli, KeithToms, William G & Jocelyne$100.001139 NORMANDY CRES OttawaK2E5A5Individual over $100
20149Egli, KeithVan Geilswyk, Richard$200.001147 Normandy CresOttawaK2E5A5Individual over $100
20149Egli, KeithWestdal, John R S$100.00195 Second AvenueOttawaK1S2H6Individual over $100
20149Egli, KeithWhitney, Allan Leslie$400.006 NORTHVIEW RD OttawaK2E6A7Individual over $100
20149Egli, KeithWilliams, Heather J.$250.00113 WAVERLEY ST OttawaK2P0V3Individual over $100
20149Egli, KeithIndividuals Not Exceeding $100$555.00OttawaIndividuals $100 or less
Total Amount$11,092.82
Total from Corporate/Union$3,587.82 (32%)
Total from Individual over $100$6,950.00 (63%)
Total from Individuals $100 or less$555.00 (5%) Minimum of 6 additional donors, assuming each contributed $100.
The actual number of donors in this class is likely much higher.
It's probable the average donation ranged between $20 and $100.
Total Donations48Does not include the number of donations of $100 or less, if any.
Total Candidates1