Campaign Donations

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year ward candidate donor amount address city postal date type pin
20140Syed, AnwarAhuja, Ashok$100.0081 Grandview RoadOttawaK2H8B7Individual over $100
20140Syed, AnwarBarton, Ray$25.0047 Bertona StreetOttawaK2G4G7Individual over $100
20140Syed, AnwarBarton, Ray$100.0047 Bertona StreetOttawaK2G4G7Individual over $100
20140Syed, AnwarBarton, Veronica Anne$25.0047 Bertona StreetOttawaK2G4G7Individual over $100
20140Syed, AnwarBednarek, Lech$100.0038 Old Mill TerraceEtobicokeM8X1A2Individual over $100
20140Syed, AnwarBoone, Guy$100.0035 Athena WayOttawaK2(6S1Individual over $100
20140Syed, AnwarFriquin, Jean-Claude$100.006473 Timothy CourtOttawaK1C3E7Individual over $100
20140Syed, AnwarManoussi, Akbar$100.001943 Marquis AvenueOttawaK1J8J1Individual over $100
20140Syed, AnwarMeredith, Paul$120.00PO Box 400BarrieL4M4T5Individual over $100
20140Syed, AnwarWoodburn, Brigitte$100.001357 2nd Line RoadOttawaK2K1X7Individual over $100
Total Amount$870.00
Total from Individual over $100$870.00 (100%)
Total Donations10Does not include the number of donations of $100 or less, if any.
Total Candidates1