Campaign Donations

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year ward candidate donor amount address city postal date type pin
201413Perry, SheilaAchi, Simon M$500.00278 Donald St.OttawaK1K1M7Individual over $100
201413Perry, SheilaCarley, Margaret G.$200.00426-11 Elm Ave.TorontoM4W1N2Individual over $100
201413Perry, SheilaChec, Denis$200.0096 West PreslandOttawaK1KIndividual over $100
201413Perry, SheilaChenier, John A.$150.00332 Cathcart StreetOttawaK1N5C4Individual over $100
201413Perry, SheilaGibson, Paul$150.00942 Marguerite AvenueOttawaK1K3J8Individual over $100
201413Perry, SheilaGillin, Louise$500.0028 Prince Albert StreetOttawaK1K2A4Individual over $100
201413Perry, SheilaJarawan-Tannous, Yola$200.00292 Donald StreetOttawaK1K1M7Individual over $100
201413Perry, SheilaMacfarlane, Peter$200.00332 Spartan Ave.OttawaK1K1J8Individual over $100
201413Perry, SheilaMacfarlane, Rosemarie$200.00332 Spartan AveOttawaK1K1J8Individual over $100
201413Perry, SheilaNelson, Robert$400.00280 Park RdOttawaK1M0E1Individual over $100
201413Perry, SheilaRobinson, Bonnie$150.00296 Manor AvenueOttawaK1M0H4Individual over $100
201413Perry, SheilaRoderick, Graeme$200.0016 Brockington CresOttawaK2G4K2Individual over $100
201413Perry, SheilaSealey, Gary$200.0023 Borduas Crt.OttawaK2K1K9Individual over $100
201413Perry, SheilaWard, Margaret J.$200.00402-641 Bathgate Dr.OttawaK1K3Y3Individual over $100
Total Amount$3,450.00
Total from Individual over $100$3,450.00 (100%)
Total Donations14Does not include the number of donations of $100 or less, if any.
Total Candidates1