Campaign Donations

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year ward candidate donor amount address city postal date type pin
20144Muirhead, MattMinto Group Inc$250.00180 Kent Street, Suite 200OttawaK1P0B6Corporate/Union
20144Muirhead, MattMinto Group, Inc$250.00200-180 Kent StOttawaK1P0B6Corporate/Union
20144Muirhead, MattRevelstoke$500.00209 Pretoria Ave.OttawaK1S1X9Corporate/Union
20144Muirhead, MattBishop, Deborah$150.00201-700 Martin Ave.KelownaV1Y6V3Individual over $100
20144Muirhead, MattBishop, Michael$750.009 Macassa CircleOttawaK2T1J7Individual over $100
20144Muirhead, MattBoggs, Brian$100.00218 Cowley Av.OttawaK1Y0G9Individual over $100
20144Muirhead, MattBoyles, Lola M.$150.00130 Prince of Wales DrSt. AndrewsE5B1R3Individual over $100
20144Muirhead, MattBrennan, Jacqueline$100.00100 Colonel By CresSmiths FallsK7A5B6Individual over $100
20144Muirhead, MattCardinal, Louis D. Renand$100.00882 Snye Rd.White LakeK0A3L0Individual over $100
20144Muirhead, MattCardinal, Roland$100.00882 Snye RoadWhite LakeK0A3L0Individual over $100
20144Muirhead, MattConboy, Craig$750.00208 Walden DriveOttawaK2K2K6Individual over $100
20144Muirhead, MattCornell, Megan$750.00208 Walden Dr.OttawaK2K2K6Individual over $100
20144Muirhead, MattCummings, Brian$500.00Individual over $100
20144Muirhead, MattFockner, Stanley$100.003 Weaver CresOttawaK2K3E1Individual over $100
20144Muirhead, MattGetacmew, Adele$100.00OttawaIndividual over $100
20144Muirhead, MattGraham, Weldon$200.00328 Maxwell BridgeOttawaK2W0A5Individual over $100
20144Muirhead, MattGrewal, Jasdeep$100.0044 Catherick CresOttawaK2K3M6Individual over $100
20144Muirhead, MattHenderson, Gord$300.0033 Tiffany Cres.OttawaK2K1W4Individual over $100
20144Muirhead, MattHodgins, Mike$500.0059 Insmill CresOttawaK2T1G4Individual over $100
20144Muirhead, MattJardine, Fred and Mary$100.0018 Tiffany CresOttawaK1K1W2Individual over $100
20144Muirhead, MattMaat, Jacob$300.0026 Lismer CrescentOttawaK2K1A2Individual over $100
20144Muirhead, MattMacPherson, Donald$100.00904-1175 Maritime WayOttawaK2K0G4Individual over $100
20144Muirhead, MattMadgett, Paul$200.00204 Keyrock Dr.OttawaK2T0B5Individual over $100
20144Muirhead, MattMadgett, Pauline E.$200.00204 Keyrock Dr.OttawaK2T0B5Individual over $100
20144Muirhead, MattMarti-Aguilar, Leopoldo$100.00289 Goldridge DriveKanataK2T1H4Individual over $100
20144Muirhead, MattMarti-Aguilar, Leopoldo$100.00289 Goldridge Dr.OttawaK2T1H4Individual over $100
20144Muirhead, MattMattingly, Jan$250.0025 Insmill CresOttawaK2T1G5Individual over $100
20144Muirhead, MattMcGowan, Bobbie$100.0011 Pentland Cresc.OttawaK2K1V4Individual over $100
20144Muirhead, MattMuirhead, Frances$750.0091 Birch St, PO BOX 1013Deep RiverK0J1P0Individual over $100
20144Muirhead, MattMuirhead, Jessica$100.0091 Birch St. PO Box 1013Deep RiverK0J1P0Individual over $100
20144Muirhead, MattMuirhead, Luke$100.0091 Birch St, PO BOX 1013Deep RiverK0J1P0Individual over $100
20144Muirhead, MattO'Brien, Larry$500.006107-700 Sussex Dr.OttawaK1N1K4Individual over $100
20144Muirhead, MattRamos, Angela$100.00306 Kinghorn CresOttawaK2K3R5Individual over $100
20144Muirhead, MattSealey, Gary$100.0023 Borduas CourtOttawaK2K1K9Individual over $100
20144Muirhead, MattSingh, Sulinder and Kashmir$100.00155 Whernside TerraceOttawaK2N0C6Individual over $100
20144Muirhead, MattSingh, Surjit$100.0011 Stikine DriveOttawaK2T1H1Individual over $100
20144Muirhead, MattSpearman, Marilyn$100.00708-1175 Maritime WayKanataK2K0G4Individual over $100
20144Muirhead, MattSweetnam, Phil$100.00117 Covered Bridge WayCarpK0A1L0Individual over $100
20144Muirhead, MattVan Boeschoten, Peter$100.001 Carr CresOttawaK2K1K3Individual over $100
20144Muirhead, MattYazdani, Rameleh$100.0012 Beamish CresOttawaK2K2R6Individual over $100
20144Muirhead, MattIndividuals Not Exceeding $100$1,164.99OttawaIndividuals $100 or less
Total Amount$10,614.99
Total from Corporate/Union$1,000.00 (9%)
Total from Individual over $100$8,450.00 (80%)
Total from Individuals $100 or less$1,164.99 (11%) Minimum of 12 additional donors, assuming each contributed $100.
The actual number of donors in this class is likely much higher.
It's probable the average donation ranged between $20 and $100.
Total Donations41Does not include the number of donations of $100 or less, if any.
Total Candidates1