Campaign Donations

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year ward candidate donor amount address city postal date type pin
20107Cullen, AlexBain, S.$750.0063 Britannia Rd.OttawaK2B5W4Individual over $100
20107Cullen, AlexCampbell, A.$200.006-33 Rochester St.OttawaK1R7L3Individual over $100
20107Cullen, AlexCarter, M.$150.00185 Lincoln Hts. Rd.OttawaK2B5L7Individual over $100
20107Cullen, AlexCollishaw, N.$500.00134 Caroline Ave.OttawaK1Y0S9Individual over $100
20107Cullen, AlexCotnam, R.$150.002668 Clarenda St.OttawaK2B7S4Individual over $100
20107Cullen, AlexCullen, D.$200.00927 Connaught AveOttawaK2B5M7Individual over $100
20107Cullen, AlexE. Von Graevenitz$150.00302 Britannia RoadOttawaK2B5X4Individual over $100
20107Cullen, AlexErdur, E.$200.00#804, 440 Gloucester St.OttawaK1R7T8Individual over $100
20107Cullen, AlexF. Martin$300.002060 Prince Charles RoadOttawaK2A3L1Individual over $100
20107Cullen, AlexFrancis, M.$150.00807 Kingsmere Ave.OttawaK2A3J8Individual over $100
20107Cullen, AlexFrancis, P.$150.00807 Kingsmere Ave.OttawaK2A3J8Individual over $100
20107Cullen, AlexGalbraith, B.$150.002336 Kildonan Ave.OttawaK2B7L2Individual over $100
20107Cullen, AlexGregory, A.$150.002032 Prince Charles Rd.OttawaK2A3L1Individual over $100
20107Cullen, AlexGullen, J.$150.0021 Kaymar Dr.OttawaK1J7C8Individual over $100
20107Cullen, AlexH. Johansen$150.002032 Prince Charles RoadOttawaK2A3L1Individual over $100
20107Cullen, AlexHahn, M.$350.0063 Britannia Rd.OttawaK2B5W4Individual over $100
20107Cullen, AlexHall, T.$500.00118 Grandview Rd.OttawaK2H8B2Individual over $100
20107Cullen, AlexHolmes, D.$150.00#41, 10 The DrivewayOttawaK2P1C7Individual over $100
20107Cullen, AlexJ. Piper$200.00653 Edison AveOttawaK2A1V9Individual over $100
20107Cullen, AlexKarademir, H.$300.00#2, 291 Lorne Green WayOttawaK2B6A8Individual over $100
20107Cullen, AlexL. Auerbach$150.0017 Loch Isle Rd.OttawaK2H8G5Individual over $100
20107Cullen, AlexM. Adamache$150.00195 Bradford StOttawaK2B5Z2Individual over $100
20107Cullen, AlexM. Earle$150.0021 Kempster AveOttawaK2B6L9Individual over $100
20107Cullen, AlexMatte, G.$125.007083 Notre Dame St.OttawaK1C1J1Individual over $100
20107Cullen, AlexMicucci, M.$150.0047 Charing Rd.OttawaK2G4G2Individual over $100
20107Cullen, AlexMurray, W.$150.00#1, 224 Cooper St.OttawaK2P0G4Individual over $100
20107Cullen, AlexN. LaViolette$150.0028 Ramsey AveOttawaK1S2W6Individual over $100
20107Cullen, AlexN. Porter$300.00#303, 415 Greenview Ave.OttawaK2B8G5Individual over $100
20107Cullen, AlexNelson, M.$300.00218 Pleasant Park Rd.OttawaK1H5M6Individual over $100
20107Cullen, AlexOnder, Y.$200.002306-199 Kent St.OttawaK2P2K8Individual over $100
20107Cullen, AlexOrs, A.$150.0028C Forester Cres.OttawaK2H8Y2Individual over $100
20107Cullen, AlexP. Lee$150.0027 Burnbrook Cres.OttawaK2H9A6Individual over $100
20107Cullen, AlexPage, E.$150.001802-265 Poulin Ave.OttawaK2B7Y8Individual over $100
20107Cullen, AlexPickles, S.$175.00117 Bradford St.OttawaK2B5Y9Individual over $100
20107Cullen, AlexPorter, A.$300.002687 Violet St.OttawaK2B6X1Individual over $100
20107Cullen, AlexRivier, S.$300.002696 Violet St.OttawaK2B6X2Individual over $100
20107Cullen, AlexS. Gauthier$150.00186 Lincoln Hts. Rd.OttawaK2B5L7Individual over $100
20107Cullen, AlexS. Staples$200.00169 Concord St. SouthOttawaK1S0Z5Individual over $100
20107Cullen, AlexSmiley, J.$300.00#209, 1 Meridian Pl.OttawaK2G6N1Individual over $100
20107Cullen, AlexSmith, C.$150.001-1980 Neepaw AveOttawaK2A3L5Individual over $100
20107Cullen, AlexSt. Cyr, D.$300.002346 Whitehaven Cres.OttawaK2B5H4Individual over $100
20107Cullen, AlexStewart, R.$150.00448 Edgeworth Ave.OttawaK2B5L1Individual over $100
20107Cullen, AlexSullivan, A.$150.0039 Fifth Ave.OttawaK1S2M3Individual over $100
20107Cullen, AlexTop, F.$200.00114 Gladecrest Ct.OttawaK2H9J6Individual over $100
20107Cullen, AlexTurk, J.$200.0095 Seneca St.OttawaK1S4X8Individual over $100
20107Cullen, AlexWaddington, J.$200.00273 Frost Ave.OttawaK1H5J1Individual over $100
20107Cullen, AlexWellman, M.$200.00236 Royal Ave.OttawaK2A1J7Individual over $100
20107Cullen, AlexWheeler, M.$150.0013 Burnbrook Cr.OttawaK2H9A6Individual over $100
20107Cullen, AlexYang, S.$300.0079 Silverlace Pvt.OttawaK1T3Z8Individual over $100
20107Cullen, AlexTotal from each single contributor totalling $100 or less$7,050.00OttawaIndividuals $100 or less
Total Amount$17,750.00
Total from Individual over $100$10,700.00 (60%)
Total from Individuals $100 or less$7,050.00 (40%) Minimum of 71 additional donors, assuming each contributed $100.
The actual number of donors in this class is likely much higher.
It's probable the average donation ranged between $20 and $100.
Total Donations50Does not include the number of donations of $100 or less, if any.
Total Candidates1