Campaign Donations

(Not this city)
year ward candidate donor amount address city postal date type pin
20106Qadri, ShadBradley's Insurance$750.001509 Stittsville Main St, Box 1234OttawaK2S1B3Corporate/Union
20106Qadri, ShadCapital Sports Management Inc$200.001000 Palladium Dr.OttawaK2V1A5Corporate/Union
20106Qadri, ShadColdwell Banker c/o Ross Webley$750.002 Hobin St.OttawaK2S1C4Corporate/Union
20106Qadri, ShadEmerald Links Golf and Country Club$750.006357 Emerald Links Dr.OttawaK2S1C4Corporate/Union
20106Qadri, ShadGranda, John$250.001128 Clapp LaneOttawaK4M1C8Corporate/Union
20106Qadri, ShadPj-M2R Restaurant Inc. o/a McDonalds Restaurants$200.001250 Stittsville Main St.OttawaK2S1S9Corporate/Union
20106Qadri, ShadQadri, Theresa$649.53158 Moresby Dr.OttawaK2M2E4Corporate/Union
20106Qadri, ShadRobinson Consultants Inc.$150.00350 Palladium Dr.OttawaK2V1A8Corporate/Union
20106Qadri, ShadThunderclub West Inc.$500.001927 Richardson Side Rd.OttawaK2K1X4Corporate/Union
20106Qadri, ShadArgue, Elaine M.$150.006434 Flewellyn Rd.OttawaK2S1B6Individual over $100
20106Qadri, ShadArgue, Franklin C.$150.006434 Flewellyn Rd.OttawaK2S1B6Individual over $100
20106Qadri, ShadArsenault, Marilyn E.$200.00284 Liard St.OttawaK2S1N6Individual over $100
20106Qadri, ShadBernier, Linda$200.008 Mika St.OttawaK2S1K8Individual over $100
20106Qadri, ShadCarter, Lynne$200.0027 Crossing Bridge Crt.OttawaK2S1S2Individual over $100
20106Qadri, ShadFairbrother, David$200.00110 Lanigan Cr.OttawaK2S1C5Individual over $100
20106Qadri, ShadHancoop, Lynn$150.0039 Delamere Dr.OttawaK2S1R2Individual over $100
20106Qadri, ShadHaubrich, Jan$250.0013 Albury Cr.OttawaK2S1G7Individual over $100
20106Qadri, ShadHillary, Laura$200.00125 Lanigan Cr.OttawaK2S1G9Individual over $100
20106Qadri, ShadKnight, Alanna$300.0029 Denham WayOttawaK2S1H5Individual over $100
20106Qadri, ShadMcCaw, James$500.0060 Bert G Argue Dr.OttawaK2S2H2Individual over $100
20106Qadri, ShadMoldovan, Louise$500.0051 Springwood Cir.OttawaK2S1E2Individual over $100
20106Qadri, ShadNazemroaya, Bahman$150.0032 Beverley St.OttawaK2S1C3Individual over $100
20106Qadri, ShadPouran, Asgari$200.0032 Beverly St.OttawaK2S1C3Individual over $100
20106Qadri, ShadRobinson, Judith$400.0035 Crossing Bridge CourtOttawaK2S1S2Individual over $100
20106Qadri, ShadRooney, Ione A.$150.0011 Heather Glen Crt.OttawaK2S1L4Individual over $100
20106Qadri, ShadRooney, Patrick$150.0011 Heather Glen Crt.OttawaK2S1L4Individual over $100
20106Qadri, ShadSpratt, Carol Ann$200.0062 Amber Lakes Dr.OttawaK2S2A2Individual over $100
20106Qadri, ShadTraversy, Carol$500.0027 Belton Ave.OttawaK2S1G7Individual over $100
20106Qadri, ShadZieren, Marten$300.0025 Manchester St.OttawaK2S1C5Individual over $100
20106Qadri, ShadTotal from each single contributor totalling $100 or less$3,310.00OttawaIndividuals $100 or less
Total Amount$12,559.53
Total from Corporate/Union$4,199.53 (33%)
Total from Individual over $100$5,050.00 (40%)
Total from Individuals $100 or less$3,310.00 (26%) Minimum of 33 additional donors, assuming each contributed $100.
The actual number of donors in this class is likely much higher.
It's probable the average donation ranged between $20 and $100.
Total Donations30Does not include the number of donations of $100 or less, if any.
Total Candidates1