Campaign Donations

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year ward candidate donor amount address city postal date type pin
201021Moffatt, ScottArnon Corp.$300.001801 Woodward Dr.OttawaK2C0R3Corporate/Union
201021Moffatt, ScottBergeron, Pierre$500.004 Chancellor Crt.OttawaK1V0W7Individual over $100
201021Moffatt, ScottBrophy, Charlie$200.004700 Brophy Dr.OttawaK0A2Z0Individual over $100
201021Moffatt, ScottCoates, Rick$250.006577 Marina Dr. ManotickOttawaK4M1B3Individual over $100
201021Moffatt, ScottDavidson, William$150.00RR#4 - 3572 Timmins Rd.PakenhamK0A2X0Individual over $100
201021Moffatt, ScottHawkins, Carl$200.003510 Donnelly Dr.OttawaK0G1J0Individual over $100
201021Moffatt, ScottHill, John$300.004878 Cambrian Rd.OttawaK0A2Z0Individual over $100
201021Moffatt, ScottHudson, Crace$300.005999 Perth St.OttawaK02Z0Individual over $100
201021Moffatt, ScottKertzner, Morris$250.002294 Wildlife WayOttawaK0A2T0Individual over $100
201021Moffatt, ScottMacFarlane, George$500.00PO Box 58 Stn MainOttawaK4M1A2Individual over $100
201021Moffatt, ScottMacFarlane, George$250.00PO Box 58 Stn MainOttawaK4M1A3Individual over $100
201021Moffatt, ScottMarjory LeBreton$750.00Box 202, 1117 Firefly LaneManotickK4M1B3Individual over $100
201021Moffatt, ScottMcNeil, Bruce$150.005495 Manotick Main St. PO Box 814OttawaK4M1A7Individual over $100
201021Moffatt, ScottMoffatt, Brian$300.005689 First Line Rd.OttawaK0A2E0Individual over $100
201021Moffatt, ScottMoffatt, Chris$300.005998 Perth St.OttawaK0A2Z0Individual over $100
201021Moffatt, ScottMoffatt, Rosalie$300.005688 First Line Rd.OttawaK0A2E0Individual over $100
201021Moffatt, ScottMoffatt, Steve$150.005278 Driscoll Dr.OttawaK4M1E9Individual over $100
201021Moffatt, ScottMonaghan, John$200.005794 Richmond Rd.OttawaK0A2Z0Individual over $100
201021Moffatt, ScottMoore, Hilda$300.0084 Cockburn St.RichmondK0A2Z0Individual over $100
201021Moffatt, ScottMunro, Alistair$150.006591 Richmond Rd.OttawaK0A2Z0Individual over $100
201021Moffatt, ScottNixon, Stan$150.005889 First Line Rd.OttawaK0A2E0Individual over $100
201021Moffatt, ScottProulx, Al$150.005473 Old Mill WayOttawaK4M1C1Individual over $100
201021Moffatt, ScottSchouten, Tricia$300.006102 Malakoff Rd.OttawaK012Z0Individual over $100
201021Moffatt, ScottSeabrooke, Mark$150.007842 Highway #7 RR #4OttawaK0A1B0Individual over $100
201021Moffatt, ScottSteenbakkers, Mark$500.006620 Fernbank Rd.OttawaK2S1B6Individual over $100
201021Moffatt, ScottStephenson, Don$300.00Box 63 North GowerOttawaK0A2T0Individual over $100
201021Moffatt, ScottStewart, Jim$150.006522 Bunker Rd.ManotickK4M1B3Individual over $100
201021Moffatt, ScottStewart, Sheila$150.006522 Bunker Rd.OttawaK4M1B3Individual over $100
201021Moffatt, ScottThomas, Earl$250.0070 Corkstown Rd.OttawaK2H5B5Individual over $100
201021Moffatt, ScottTupper, Georgina$300.006713 Second Line Rd.OttawaK0A2E0Individual over $100
201021Moffatt, ScottWallace, Sylvia$200.001 Chanonhouse Dr.OttawaK0A2Z0Individual over $100
201021Moffatt, ScottTotal from each single contributor totalling $100 or less$1,585.00OttawaIndividuals $100 or less
Total Amount$9,985.00
Total from Corporate/Union$300.00 (3%)
Total from Individual over $100$8,100.00 (81%)
Total from Individuals $100 or less$1,585.00 (16%) Minimum of 16 additional donors, assuming each contributed $100.
The actual number of donors in this class is likely much higher.
It's probable the average donation ranged between $20 and $100.
Total Donations32Does not include the number of donations of $100 or less, if any.
Total Candidates1