Campaign Donations

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year ward candidate donor amount address city postal date type pin
201021Webster, Bruce1278622 Ontario Inc O/A Christopher's Meat Market$300.006146 Perth St.RichmondK0A2Z0Corporate/Union
201021Webster, Bruce1738527 Ontario Inc. O/A Mike's RV & Marine$300.00263 Carletong St.NewboroK0G1P0Corporate/Union
201021Webster, BruceAdams and Associates Ltd.$500.006733 Rideau Valley Dr.OttawaK0A2E0Corporate/Union
201021Webster, BruceBradley's Insurance$250.001509 Stittsville Main St, Box 1234OttawaK2S1B3Corporate/Union
201021Webster, BruceD & R Group$250.007 Barnwood CourtMunsterK0A3P0Corporate/Union
201021Webster, BruceTercon Heating & Cooling$200.0038 Douglas Dr.RichmondK0A2Z0Corporate/Union
201021Webster, BruceToy Storage$150.001412 Ashton Station Rd.OttawaK0A1B0Corporate/Union
201021Webster, BruceWatterson Place Holdings Inc$500.006632 Marina Dr.OttawaK4M1B3Corporate/Union
201021Webster, BruceArnold, Douglas$150.0083 Cockburn St.RichmondK0A2Z0Individual over $100
201021Webster, BruceArnold, Fredrick$150.0083 Cockburn St.RichmondK0A2Z0Individual over $100
201021Webster, BruceBoucher, Susan$750.001212 Potter Dr.OttawaK4M1C8Individual over $100
201021Webster, BruceBurke, John William$200.006452 Flewellyn Rd.OttawaK2S1B6Individual over $100
201021Webster, BruceCarrick, Stephen G.$300.0070 Huntsman Cr.OttawaK1M1C4Individual over $100
201021Webster, BruceCloutier, Diane$150.0083 Cockburn St.RichmondK0A2Z0Individual over $100
201021Webster, BruceGray, Terry$150.0059 Royal York St.RichmondK0A2Z0Individual over $100
201021Webster, BruceHaydon, Andrew S.$375.0060 Baypointe Cres.OttawaK2G6R1Individual over $100
201021Webster, BruceHelen L. Burke$200.006452 Flewellyn RoadOttawaK2S1B6Individual over $100
201021Webster, BruceHill, Betty$200.009 Cockburn St.RichmondK02Z0Individual over $100
201021Webster, BruceJohnson, Bruce$150.0017 Cockburn St.RichmondK0A2Z0Individual over $100
201021Webster, BruceKruyne, Paul$500.002682 Sixth Line Rd.DunrobinK0A1T0Individual over $100
201021Webster, BruceMacArthur, Rosemary$200.0098 Fowler St.mRichmondK0A2Z0Individual over $100
201021Webster, BruceMcKinley, Murielle$500.004830 McNamee LanePortlandK0G1V0Individual over $100
201021Webster, BruceMcKinley, Robert W.$500.004830 McNamee LanePortlandK0G1V0Individual over $100
201021Webster, BruceOwen, Lynne$500.0076 Cockburn St.RichmondK0A2Z0Individual over $100
201021Webster, BrucePaul Boucher$750.001212 Potter Dr.OttawaK4M1C8Individual over $100
201021Webster, BrucePurchase, S. Mark$500.0033 Aird Pl.OttawaK2LE2Individual over $100
201021Webster, BruceRobert M. Walker$150.00PO Box 375OttawaK0A2Z0Individual over $100
201021Webster, BruceRoss, Darcy$150.00Box 1217RichmondK0A2Z0Individual over $100
201021Webster, BruceSheehan, Brian$300.005609 William McEwen DriveDarsK0A2E0Individual over $100
201021Webster, BruceWalker, Margaret A.$150.00PO Box 375RichmondK0A2Z0Individual over $100
201021Webster, BruceWood, Catherine$300.00794 9th LineCarleton PlaceK7C3P2Individual over $100
201021Webster, BruceWood, James$300.00794 9th LineOttawaK7C3P2Individual over $100
201021Webster, BruceTotal from each single contributor totalling $100 or less$500.00OttawaIndividuals $100 or less
Total Amount$10,525.00
Total from Corporate/Union$2,450.00 (23%)
Total from Individual over $100$7,575.00 (72%)
Total from Individuals $100 or less$500.00 (5%) Minimum of 5 additional donors, assuming each contributed $100.
The actual number of donors in this class is likely much higher.
It's probable the average donation ranged between $20 and $100.
Total Donations33Does not include the number of donations of $100 or less, if any.
Total Candidates1