Campaign Donations

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year ward candidate donor amount address city postal date type pin
20141Monette, Bob1781637 Ontario Inc$750.00210 GLADSTONE AVE, Suite 2001OttawaK2P0Y6Corporate/Union
20141Monette, Bob2405012 Ontario Inc$750.001787 Heatherstone CrOttawaK4A4P2Corporate/Union
20141Monette, Bob3223701 Canada Inc$750.008700 Jeanne D'Arc BlvdOttawaK4A0S9Corporate/Union
20141Monette, Bob519719 Ontario Inc$500.001801 Woodward DrOttawaK2C0R3Corporate/Union
20141Monette, BobCapital Sports & Entertainment Inc.$200.001000 PALLADIUM DR OttawaK2V1A5Corporate/Union
20141Monette, BobCavian Development Corporation$750.005504 WICKLOW DR OttawaK4M1C4Corporate/Union
20141Monette, BobCinéstarz Orléans Inc$750.00250 Centrum BlvdOttawaK1E3J1Corporate/Union
20141Monette, BobDCR Phoenix Development Corp Ltd$750.0018A Bentley AveOttawaK2E6T8Corporate/Union
20141Monette, BobDomicile Developments Inc$300.00371A Richmond Road, Suite 1OttawaK2A0E7Corporate/Union
20141Monette, BobDouglas Kelly Professional Corporation$750.00427 Laurier Ave West, Suite 900OttawaK1R7Y2Corporate/Union
20141Monette, BobForum Equity Partners Management Inc$750.00181 Bay St, Steui 2810TorontoM5J2T3Corporate/Union
20141Monette, BobGallivan Developments Inc.$300.0035 Auriga Drive, Unit 217OttawaK2E8B7Corporate/Union
20141Monette, BobLongwood Building Corp$500.001010 POLYTEK ST, Unit 5OttawaK1J9H9Corporate/Union
20141Monette, BobMinto Group Inc$500.00180 Kent. St, Suite 200OttawaK1P0B6Corporate/Union
20141Monette, BobNatalie Allen-Smith$750.001905 S River Rd, RR4OttawaK0G1J0Corporate/Union
20141Monette, BobOakwood Designers & Builders Inc.$300.001200 COLONIAL RD NavanK4B1J4Corporate/Union
20141Monette, BobRC Realty Management Ltd.$250.002280 ST. LAURENT BLVD, Unit 107OttawaK1G4K1Corporate/Union
20141Monette, BobRichcraft Homes Ltd.$250.002280 St. Laurent Blvd., Ste. 201OttawaK1G4K1Corporate/Union
20141Monette, BobRiverstone Oakpark Inc$750.002 VALOUR DR OttawaK1G3T5Corporate/Union
20141Monette, BobSiljub Investments Inc$750.0055 Skymark Drive, Suite 201TorontoM2H3N4Corporate/Union
20141Monette, BobTalos Custom Homes Ltd.$750.005509 CANOTEK RD Unit 1OttawaK1J9J9Corporate/Union
20141Monette, BobTartan Land Consultants Inc.$750.00237 Somerset Street WestOttawaK2P0J3Corporate/Union
20141Monette, BobThe Regional Group of Companies$350.001737 WOODWARD DR OttawaK2C0P9Corporate/Union
20141Monette, BobThomas Cavanagh Construction Ltd$500.00RR#2AshtonK0A1B0Corporate/Union
20141Monette, BobTrinity Development Group Inc$750.00359 KENT ST, Suite 400OttawaK2P0R6Corporate/Union
20141Monette, BobUrbandale Corporation$500.002193 Arch StOttawaK1G2H5Corporate/Union
20141Monette, BobValecraft Homes Ltd$250.001455 YOUVILLE DR, #210OttawaK1C6Z7Corporate/Union
20141Monette, BobWalton International Groups Inc.$350.0020 Carlson Court, Suite 100TorontoM9W7K6Corporate/Union
20141Monette, BobAhmed, Syed$200.00337 COTTONWOOD CRES OttawaK1E2X5Individual over $100
20141Monette, BobAltimas, James$100.00PO BOX 1168 Stn BOttawaK1P5R2Individual over $100
20141Monette, BobAnderson, Bronwyn$750.00455 MEADOWHAWK CRES OttawaK0C2K0Individual over $100
20141Monette, BobBokhari, Ismat$100.00675 MERKLEY DR OttawaK4A1L8Individual over $100
20141Monette, BobBokyari, Saeed$200.00675 MERKLEY DR OttawaK4A1L8Individual over $100
20141Monette, BobBrown, James P.$100.006232 FORTUNE DR OttawaK1C2B6Individual over $100
20141Monette, BobBurdock, Bruce$200.001691 AUTUMN RIDGE DR OttawaK1C6X7Individual over $100
20141Monette, BobCadieux, Josee$150.001728 Autumn Ridge DriveOttawaK1C6Y9Individual over $100
20141Monette, BobCaron, Louis P.$100.006152 VOYAGEUR DR OttawaK1C2W3Individual over $100
20141Monette, BobClement, Carol$500.002330 BRENNAN PARK DR OttawaK4C1H6Individual over $100
20141Monette, BobClement, Robert$500.002330 Brennan Park DrOttawaK4C1H6Individual over $100
20141Monette, BobCormack, Mark$150.001307 PRESTONE DR OttawaK1E2Z2Individual over $100
20141Monette, BobDastous, Thomas$200.001418 LEBLANC DR OttawaK1C3W6Individual over $100
20141Monette, BobDavidson, William$150.003574 TIMMINS RD OttawaK0A2X0Individual over $100
20141Monette, BobDesbecquets, Gilbert$100.001478 Prestone DriveOttawaK1E1M4Individual over $100
20141Monette, BobDust, Gerald A.$100.001330 HENN DR OttawaK4B1P2Individual over $100
20141Monette, BobFidelia, Pierre Richard$100.001786 HENNESSY CRES OttawaK4A3X7Individual over $100
20141Monette, BobFrench, Wayne$100.00476 LAWLER CRES OttawaK4A3Y4Individual over $100
20141Monette, BobGardner, Bonnie$750.001360 Merkley RoadWinchesterK0C2K0Individual over $100
20141Monette, BobGaunt, Andrea$750.00536 COURTENAY AVE OttawaK2A3B3Individual over $100
20141Monette, BobGibbons, Georgina$350.001517 ALINE AVE OttawaK4A3Y7Individual over $100
20141Monette, BobGrandmont, Junie$500.001856 MICKELBERRY CRES OttawaK4A0P2Individual over $100
20141Monette, BobHuang, Eddie$150.0023 PARKGLEN DR OttawaK2G3G7Individual over $100
20141Monette, BobHunter, William R$100.00850 MONTCREST DR OttawaK4A3C2Individual over $100
20141Monette, BobJames, Bernard$200.001358 Place Des PapillonOttawaK4A1Y8Individual over $100
20141Monette, BobKaine, George P.$100.00385 ROXDALE AVE OttawaK1E1V3Individual over $100
20141Monette, BobLahey, Brian T.$250.00236 METCALFE ST OttawaK2P1R3Individual over $100
20141Monette, BobLamoureux, Andre$150.001728 Autumn Ridge DrOttawaK1C6Y9Individual over $100
20141Monette, BobLaurin, Lionel$350.00992 Old Montreal RoadOttawaK4A3N2Individual over $100
20141Monette, BobLavergne, Lucie$200.001503 Bourcier DrOttawaK1E3J7Individual over $100
20141Monette, BobLeblanc, Ronald$200.00294 Hoylake CrOttawaK1E1M2Individual over $100
20141Monette, BobLepage, Jean$100.006170 VOYAGEUR DR OttawaK1C2W3Individual over $100
20141Monette, BobLepage, Rachel$100.006170 VOYAGEUR DR OttawaK1C2W3Individual over $100
20141Monette, BobMacDonald, David$100.00475 Marjolaine StreetOttawaK4A1X7Individual over $100
20141Monette, BobMacDougall, John$500.005515 WICKLOW DR OttawaK4M1C4Individual over $100
20141Monette, BobMason, Trevor$460.00535 PINE VISTA DR OttawaK4A5A7Individual over $100
20141Monette, BobMierins, John$500.00550 Old Prospect RdOttawaK1M0X7Individual over $100
20141Monette, BobMuhammad, Charudhry Akram$100.00324 HARVEST VALLEY AVE OttawaK4A0J6Individual over $100
20141Monette, BobMurray, Donal$500.002716 Theatre Road CoburgK9A4J7Individual over $100
20141Monette, BobParkes, Jeff$750.00153 PATRICIA AVE OttawaK1Y0C3Individual over $100
20141Monette, BobPhillips, Edward$750.003436 Prince of WalesOttawaK2G6X2Individual over $100
20141Monette, BobSaroult, Richard$200.00340 Centrum Blvd, Unit 211OttawaK1E3W1Individual over $100
20141Monette, BobSeguin, Jean Guy$100.00862 TAMARISK CRT OttawaK1E2B4Individual over $100
20141Monette, BobSmith, David$150.00260 Island Park DrOttawaK1Y0A4Individual over $100
20141Monette, BobTaggart, Michelle$750.00202 FARADAY ST OttawaK1Y3M6Individual over $100
20141Monette, BobThomas, Robert Bramham$100.00320 CENTRUM BLVD apt 503OttawaK1E3X9Individual over $100
20141Monette, BobToscano, Carmela$500.00169 COPPERWOOD ST OttawaK1C7S3Individual over $100
20141Monette, BobVilleneuve, David$100.00748 CLEARCREST CRES OttawaK4A3E7Individual over $100
20141Monette, BobWilliamson, Howard C.$100.00919 BEAUCLAIRE DR OttawaK1C2J5Individual over $100
20141Monette, BobYemm, Kevin$500.00266 Second AveOttawaK1S2H9Individual over $100
20141Monette, BobIndividuals Not Exceeding $100$983.82OttawaIndividuals $100 or less
Total Amount$30,743.82
Total from Corporate/Union$15,550.00 (51%)
Total from Individual over $100$14,210.00 (46%)
Total from Individuals $100 or less$983.82 (3%) Minimum of 10 additional donors, assuming each contributed $100.
The actual number of donors in this class is likely much higher.
It's probable the average donation ranged between $20 and $100.
Total Donations79Does not include the number of donations of $100 or less, if any.
Total Candidates1