Campaign Donations

(Not this city)
year ward candidate donor amount address city postal date type pin
201016Willard, NadiaBeauchemin, Robert$300.00402-2951 Riverside DriveOttawaK1V8W6Individual over $100
201016Willard, NadiaBlakeney, Hugh$200.0013 Adelaide St.OttawaK1S3R9Individual over $100
201016Willard, NadiaBrowne, Lynn$200.0095 Seneca St.OttawaK1S4X8Individual over $100
201016Willard, NadiaCraig, Allison$150.00400 McLeod St.OttawaK2P1A6Individual over $100
201016Willard, NadiaCrosby, Tyler$150.002-539 McLeod St.OttawaK1R5R2Individual over $100
201016Willard, NadiaDoerge, Suzanne$150.001439 Tedder Ave.OttawaK1H6A5Individual over $100
201016Willard, NadiaFunke, Dorthy$150.0013 Oriole Dr.OttawaK1J7E8Individual over $100
201016Willard, NadiaGibson, Jane$350.00942 Marguerite Ave.OttawaK1K3T8Individual over $100
201016Willard, NadiaHache, Trevor$150.00140 Mann Ave, Apt 319OttawaK1N1E5Individual over $100
201016Willard, NadiaHolmstrom, Cameron$150.00201-468 Summerhille Ave.TorontoM4W2E4Individual over $100
201016Willard, NadiaMurray, Will$150.001-224 Cooper St.OttawaK2P0G4Individual over $100
201016Willard, NadiaPardoe, Laurie$500.0076 Ontario St.OttawaK1K1K9Individual over $100
201016Willard, NadiaProulx, Eloi$200.00176 Dagmar Ave.OttawaK1L5T2Individual over $100
201016Willard, NadiaShingadia, Ashwin$250.0092 Ralph St.OttawaK1S5J4Individual over $100
201016Willard, NadiaSmee, Susan$150.001208-370 Dominion Ave.OttawaK2A3X4Individual over $100
201016Willard, NadiaSmith, Lorna$200.001506-280 Rochester Ave.OttawaK1R7S4Individual over $100
201016Willard, NadiaTanner, Francis$750.0046 Marshall Ave.OttawaK1Z7X2Individual over $100
201016Willard, NadiaThomas, Michael$150.00307-299 Somerset St. WOttawaK2P2L3Individual over $100
201016Willard, NadiaWillard, Doug$850.00913 Greenbriar Ave.OttawaK2C0J8Individual over $100
201016Willard, NadiaTotal from each single contributor totalling $100 or less$5,925.00OttawaIndividuals $100 or less
Total Amount$11,075.00
Total from Individual over $100$5,150.00 (47%)
Total from Individuals $100 or less$5,925.00 (53%) Minimum of 59 additional donors, assuming each contributed $100.
The actual number of donors in this class is likely much higher.
It's probable the average donation ranged between $20 and $100.
Total Donations20Does not include the number of donations of $100 or less, if any.
Total Candidates1