Campaign Donations

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year ward candidate donor amount address city postal type pin
20143Harder, JanArnon Development Corporation Ltd$500.001801 Woodward DriveOttawaK2C0R3Corporate/Union
20143Harder, JanBarrhaven IDA Pharmacy$500.00103-1221 Greenbank RoadOttawaK2J5V7Corporate/Union
20143Harder, JanCampanale Brothers Construction Ltd$750.001187 Bank Street, Suite 200OttawaK1S3X7Corporate/Union
20143Harder, JanCapital Sports and Entertainment$300.001000 PALLADIUM DR OttawaK2V1A5Corporate/Union
20143Harder, JanCavian Development Corporation$750.005504 Wicklow DrManotickK4M1C4Corporate/Union
20143Harder, JanDavid Schaeffer Engineering Ltd$750.00600 Alden Rd, Suite 500MarkhamL3R0E7Corporate/Union
20143Harder, JanDCR Phoenix Development$750.0018A Bentley AveOttawaK2E6T8Corporate/Union
20143Harder, JanDomicile Developments Inc$300.00371 Richmond Road, Unit AOttawaK2A0E7Corporate/Union
20143Harder, JanKilgour & Associates Ltd$500.002285-C ST. LAURENT BLVD, Unit 16OttawaK1G4Z6Corporate/Union
20143Harder, JanLs Inc. and Revelstoke Corporation$750.002193 Arch St.OttawaK1G2H5Corporate/Union
20143Harder, JanMinto Group Inc.$750.00180 Kent St., Suite 200OttawaK1P0B6Corporate/Union
20143Harder, JanMonarch Corporation$750.002550 Victoria Park Ave, Suite 200TorontoM2J5A9Corporate/Union
20143Harder, JanPaterson Group Inc$750.0028 CONCOURSE GT OttawaK2E7S4Corporate/Union
20143Harder, JanRC Realty Management Ltd$250.002280 ST. LAURENT BLVD, #107OttawaK1G4K1Corporate/Union
20143Harder, JanRichcraft Homes Ltd$250.002280 ST. LAURENT BLVD OttawaK1G4K1Corporate/Union
20143Harder, JanTaing Jewellers Ltd$500.00810 Greenbank RoadOttawaK2J1A2Corporate/Union
20143Harder, JanTartan Homes Corporation$750.00233 Metcalfe StOttawaK2P2C2Corporate/Union
20143Harder, JanThe Regional Group of Companies$750.001737 WOODWARD DR, 2nd FloorOttawaK2C0P9Corporate/Union
20143Harder, JanWalton International Group$350.0023rd Floor 605-5th Ave SWCalgaryT2P3H5Corporate/Union
20143Harder, JanBaizana, John$500.0060 STONEPOINTE AVE OttawaK2G6G3Individual over $100
20143Harder, JanCairo, Fancesco$750.002742 Grand Vista CircleOttawaK2J0W6Individual over $100
20143Harder, JanClement, Robert$500.002330 BRENNAN PARK DR OttawaK4C1H6Individual over $100
20143Harder, JanGrandmont, Steve$500.001856 MICKELBERRY CRES OttawaK4A0P2Individual over $100
20143Harder, JanKaur, Avothar$200.004094 Baseline RoadOttawaK1G3N4Individual over $100
20143Harder, JanKhosa, Sukhminder$200.00617 AMELIA PL OttawaK1W0A4Individual over $100
20143Harder, JanLeeder, Cyril$250.00180 IRONSTONE CRT OttawaK2S0L4Individual over $100
20143Harder, JanRiddel, Donna$750.0011 Oakbriar CresOttawaK2J5E9Individual over $100
20143Harder, JanRiddell, Melanie$750.00705-320 Parkdale AveOttawaK1Y4X9Individual over $100
20143Harder, JanRuddy, John$750.008 Grouse NestOttawaK1J7G1Individual over $100
20143Harder, JanSidhu, Gursharan Singh$200.00300 SADDLERIDGE DR OttawaK1W0C1Individual over $100
20143Harder, JanSinghal, Angela$500.00258 Second Ave.OttawaK1S2H9Individual over $100
20143Harder, JanSinghal, Monica$500.00266 SECOND AVE OttawaK1S2H9Individual over $100
20143Harder, JanStenger, Peter$750.001343 SCHARFGATE DR OttawaK4M1C4Individual over $100
20143Harder, JanWellstein, Nisha$750.002742 GRAND VISTA CIR OttawaK2J0W6Individual over $100
20143Harder, JanIndividuals Not Exceeding $100$200.00OttawaIndividuals $100 or less
Total Amount$19,000.00
Total from Corporate/Union$10,950.00 (58%)
Total from Individual over $100$7,850.00 (41%)
Total from Individuals $100 or less$200.00 (1%) Minimum of 2 additional donors, assuming each contributed $100.
The actual number of donors in this class is likely much higher.
It's probable the average donation ranged between $20 and $100.
Total Donations35Does not include the number of donations of $100 or less, if any.
Total Candidates1