Committee of Adjustment application
Address (Zoning) 7 Clarence (zoning unknown)
Agenda Excerpt

Under Section 45 of the Planning Act
To be held on Wednesday, August 19, 2015, starting at 1:00 p.m.
Ben Franklin Place, The Chamber, Main Floor, 101 Centrepointe Drive
File No.:
Legal Description:

National Capital Commission
7 Clarence Street
12 - Rideau-Vanier
Lots 1 - 4 North Clarence St., Lots 1 - 3 South Murray St., Reg.
Plan 42482

Zoning By-law:

MD2 [S72]
2008-250 as amended

The Owner has demolished an addition at the rear of the existing mixed-use building
which fronts on Sussex Drive. The Owner wants to construct a new addition in a similar
location, as shown on plans filed with the Committee.
In order to proceed, the Owner requires the Authority of the Committee for Minor
Variances from the Zoning By-law as follows:
a) Where a building in an area to which an heritage overlay applies is removed or
destroyed it must be rebuilt to the same building envelope and in the same
location as existed prior to its removal or destruction. A minor variance from the
Heritage Overlay Provisions is requested to permit the replacement of a removed
building (that is an addition to a building) where the replacement structure is
wider than the removed building.
b) To permit a reduced rear yard setback of 0.3 metres (along Clarence Street)
whereas the Heritage Overlay Provisions of the By-law state that an addition to a
building in an area to which an heritage overlay applies is permitted only if it is
located entirely within the rear yard, or in the interior yard abutting the rear yard
and complies with the rear yard setback of the underlying zone, except where the
building has a non-complying rear yard setback the addition may be built to that
rear yard setback, but in no case may be less than 3.0 metres.
It should be noted that, for By-law purposes, the frontage on Murray Street is deemed to
be the front lot line for this property.

c) To permit an office use within 3 metres of the ground floor frontage whereas the
By-law states that 100% of that part of the ground floor fronting on a street,
excluding lobby area, mechanical room and access to other floors, for a minimum
depth of 3.0 metres, may only be occupied by one or more of the following uses:
artist studio, bar, municipal service centre, museum, nightclub, restaurant, retail
food store or retail store.
d) To permit 0 parking spaces whereas the By-law requires a minimum parking
space rate of 0.75 spaces per 100 square metres of gross floor area, or 1 parking
space in this instance.
THE APPLICATION indicates that the Property is not the subject of any other current
application under the Planning Act.

Date Status
2015-08-19 Appearance on CoA agenda, panel 1

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