Committee of Adjustment application
Address (Zoning) 500 Preston (zoning unknown)
Possibly related devapp(s) D02-02-11-0057 - Zoning By-law Amendment
D07-12-13-0187 - Site Plan Control
D08-01-15/B-00450 - coa
D08-02-15/A-00400 - coa
D08-02-20/A-00235 - coa
Agenda Excerpt

THE APPLICATION indicates that the Property is not the subject of any other current
application under the Planning Act.

Under Section 53 of the Planning Act
To be held on Wednesday, January 13, 2016, starting at 3:00 p.m.
Ben Franklin Place, The Chamber, Main Floor, 101 Centrepointe Drive
File Nos.:
Legal Description:
Zoning By-law:

D08-01-15/B-00449 & D08-01-15/B-00450
500 Preston Ltd.
486 - 500 Preston Street
14 - Somerset
Lots 1542, 1543 & 1544, Reg. Plan 38
TM [1936] S287-h
2008-250 as amended

The Owner wants to convey a small portion of its property to the abutting property owner
to the north known municipally as 484 Preston Street. As well, the Owner wants to create
an easement on its property for the benefit of the owner of 484 Preston Street. The
property known as 500 Preston Street is the subject of a development proposal for a 30storey mixed use building with six levels of underground parking.
In order to do this, the Owner requires the Consent of the Committee for a Conveyance
and Grant of Easement/Right-of-Way. The property is shown on a Draft 4R-Plan filed
with the applications and the details are as follows:
B-00449 - Lot line adjustment
The lot line adjustment will convey a portion of the Owner’s property to 484 Preston
Street. The land to be conveyed, shown as Part 1 on the Draft 4R-Plan, will have a
frontage of 0.18 metres on Preston Street, to a depth of 29.01 metres and will contain an
area of 5.2 square metres.
B-00450 - Easement
The easement will consist of Part 2 on said plan and will allow for the construction of 500
Preston Street and for the maintenance of 484 Preston Street. The easement will have a
frontage of 0.28 metres on Preston Street, to a depth of 29.01 metres and will contain an
area of 8.1 square metres.

The retained land, shown on said plan, will have a frontage of 45.72 metres on Preston
Street, a depth of 29.01 metres and will contain an area of 1,388.3 square metres. It is
proposed to demolish the existing buildings and construct a 30-storey mixed use building
with six levels of underground parking on this parcel.
The proposed building will not be in conformity with the requirements of the Zoning Bylaw and therefore, an Application for Minor Variances (D08-02-15/A-00400) has been
filed and will be heard concurrently with these applications.

Date Status
2016-01-13 CoA meeting 343024

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