Plan of Subdivision: The City of Ottawa has received a Draft Plan of Subdivision 6420 and 6431 The proposal is for; 848 single family homes, 129 townhouses, 48 back to back townhouses, a 3.75 hectare community park co-located with a 2.48 hectares school block, a 0.8 hectare parkette and 19 public streets. The seven hectares at 6305 Ottawa Street that included the storm pond and flood plain associated with the Jock River no longer forms part of the application for subdivision. View application on ottawa.ca

WardWard 21 - RIDEAU-GOULBOURN - Scott Moffatt
Address (Zoning) 6420 OTTAWA (DR1)
6431 OTTAWA (DR1)
Possibly related devapp(s) D07-16-13-0011 - Plan of Subdivision
D02-02-13-0043 - Zoning By-law Amendment
D01-01-19-0003 - Official Plan Amendment
Title Modified
2018-07-17 - Application Summary - 2018-07-17
2018-06-28 Concept Plan 2018-07-09
2018-06-28 Enivornmental Impact Statement 2018-07-03
2018-06-28 Funcitonal Servicing Report 2018-07-03
2018-06-28 transportaition Brief Update 2018-07-03
2018-06-28 Draft Plan of Subdivision 2018-06-29
2018-06-28 Planning Rationale 2018-06-29
Date Status
2018-07-19 Comment Period in Progress
2018-06-29 Community "Heads Up" - Completed

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