Plan of Subdivision: The City of Ottawa has received a Zoning By-law Amendment, Plan of Subdivision and Plan of Condominium (Common Elements) application to construct 16 single detached dwellings of one and two storeys which will front onto a private road. The purpose of the Plan of Subdivision is to create 16 new lots with frontages of 9.5 metres or greater and lot areas of 351 square metres of greater. The proposal consists of single detached dwellings which will be two storeys, with the exception of two units located on corner lots abutting the adjacent properties which will be bungalows View application on ottawa.ca

WardWard 23 - KANATA SOUTH - Allan Hubley
Address (Zoning) 27 SCISSONS (R1Z[2352])
35 SCISSONS (R1Z[2352])
33 SCISSONS (R1Z[2352])
Possibly related devapp(s) D02-02-15-0052 - Zoning By-law Amendment
D07-04-15-0026 - Plan of Condominium
D07-16-20-0007 - Plan of Subdivision
Possibly related by-laws 2016-248: A by-law of the City of Ottawa to amend By-law No. 2008-250 of the City of Ottawa to change the zoning of the lands known municipally as 27, 33, and 35 Scissons Road.
Title Modified
d07-16-15-0011 Revised Landscape Plan Feb 2016 2016-03-09
Revised Subdivision Plan Feb 2016 2016-03-09
Revised Tree Conservation Report Feb 2016 2016-03-09
Archaeological Report 2015-11-23
Multi-Way Stop Control Warrant Analysis 2015-11-09
Archaelogical Resource Assessment #1 2015-08-25
Archaeological Resource Assessment #2 2015-08-25
Combined Site Servicing & Stormwater Site Mgmt Report 2015-08-25
Combined Site Servicing, Grade Control, Drainage, Storm & Sanitary Drainage Plan 2015-08-25
Combined Tree Conservation Rpt & Environmental Impact Statement 2015-08-25
Draft Plan of Condominium 2015-08-25
Draft Plan of Subdivision 2015-08-25
Geotechnical Study 2015-08-25
Landscape Plan 2015-08-25
Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment 2015-08-25
Planning Rationale 2015-08-25
Site Plan 2015-08-25
Survey Plan 2015-08-25
Date Status
2017-03-02 Application Approved by OMB
2016-10-13 OMB Package Sent
2016-10-02 Appealed to OMB
2016-09-12 In Appeal Period
2016-08-08 Councillor Concurs
2016-04-04 Application File Pending
2016-03-01 Application Reactivated
2015-10-26 Public Meeting Held
2015-09-25 Application File Pending
2015-09-24 Comment Period has Ended/Issue Resolution
2015-08-27 Comment Period in Progress

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