Plan of Subdivision: The purpose of the Plan of Subdivision, Official Plan Amendment, and Zoning By-law Amendment applications is to facilitate the development of a 27 lot prestige business park. This new business park is envisioned to attract low-profile industrial and employment generating uses and provides for retail uses to compliment the future Tanger Outlet Center. The subdivision design illustrates four internal public streets, all terminating in cul-de-sacs, with a plan to re-align Palladium Drive with the future Campeau Drive extension. Options for the re-alignment of Palladium Drive will be explored through these Planning Act applications and through a Class Environmental Assessment Study. The Plan of Subdivision will also create one stormwater management block in the southwest corner of the site and a block for the protection of Feedmill Creek. View application on ottawa.ca

WardWard 4 - KANATA NORTH - Marianne Wilkinson
Address (Zoning) 3001 PALLADIUM (GM[2167])
425 HUNTMAR (IP13)
Possibly related devapp(s) D07-16-11-0024 - Plan of Subdivision
D01-01-14-0001 - Official Plan Amendment
D02-02-14-0018 - Zoning By-law Amendment
D07-12-15-0016 - Site Plan Control
D08-01-15/B-00213 - coa
D08-01-15/A-00206 - coa
Title Modified
Draft Plan of Subdivision REV#2 2015-03-17
Draft Plan of Subdivision REVISED 2014-12-19
Ground Vibration Attenuation Analysis 2014-07-21
Plan of Subdivision #2 2014-07-21
Application Summary 2014-04-07
Illustration of road works proposed through an Environmental Assessment 2014-04-07
Concept Plan showing ultimate use of lands 2014-04-04
Environmental Impact Statement & Tree Conservation Report 2014-04-04
Geotechnical Study 2014-04-04
Phase I ESA 2014-04-04
Plan of Subdivision 2014-04-04
Planning Rationale 2014-04-04
Site Servicing Study 2014-04-04
Transportation Addendum 2014-04-04
Date Status
2016-06-07 Agreement Registered - Securities Held
2015-04-08 Draft Approved
2015-03-12 Application Approved
2015-03-03 Applicant Concurs
2014-04-09 Comment Period in Progress

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