Plan of Subdivision: The proposal is for the development of 24 freehold townhouse units on this site which has access from Mondavi Street and is currently zoned to permit this use. The townhomes will front onto a proposed cul-de-sac to be built as an extension of Mondavi Street. View application on ottawa.ca

WardWard 1 - ORLÉANS - Bob Monette
Address (Zoning) 1765 TRIM (DR)
Title Modified
Site Servicing & Stormwater Management Report 2013-08-06
Subdivision Drawing Set 2013-08-06
D07-12-16-0019 Servicing Options Report 2013-03-25
D07-12-16-0019 Archaeological Resource Assessment 2012-10-30
D07-12-16-0019 Draft Plan of Subdivision 2012-10-30
D07-12-16-0019 Environmental Site Assessment - Phase I 2012-10-30
D07-12-16-0019 Geotechnical Study 2012-10-30
D07-12-16-0019 Landscape Plan 2012-10-30
D07-12-16-0019 Planning Rationale 2012-10-30
D07-12-16-0019 Reference Plan 4R-25923 2012-10-30
D07-12-16-0019 Traffic Study 2012-10-30
D07-12-16-0019 Tree Preservation & Protection Plan 2012-10-30
Date Status
2014-10-17 Agreement Registered - Securities Held
2013-02-08 Application on Hold

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