Plan of Subdivision: Draft Approval for a 13 lot village residential subdivision with one rural street on vacant agricultural land. The project is an extension of the surrounding neighbourhood. View application on ottawa.ca

WardWard 21 - RIDEAU-GOULBOURN - Scott Moffatt
Address (Zoning) 2240 Roger Stevens Drive (Null)
Possibly related devapp(s) D02-02-08-0036 - Zoning By-law Amendment
Title Modified
Conceptual_Site_Servicing_Study_ 2013-03-25
Draft_Plan_of_Subdivision_ 2013-03-25
Hydrogeological_and_Terrain_Analysis_PartA_ 2013-03-25
Hydrogeological_and_Terrain_Analysis_PartB_ 2013-03-25
Hydrogeological_and_Terrain_Analysis_PartC_ 2013-03-25
Noise_Control_Study_ 2013-03-25
Planning_Rationale_ 2013-03-25
Date Status
2010-12-07 Application on Hold

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