Site Plan Control: A Site Plan Control application to construct one-storey 969.4 sq. metre warehouse, with a height of 8.53 metres, which will be used to house heavy equipment and machinery, to construct a creek crossing and to expand the gravel tow/salvage yard by approximately 3 hectares. View application on ottawa.ca

WardWard 21 - RIDEAU-GOULBOURN - Scott Moffatt
Address (Zoning) 6776 ROTHBOURNE (RG1)
Title Modified
D07-12-19- 0125 Topographic Survey 2019-10-10
Environmental Impact Statement 2019-10-10
Geotechnical Report - 2019-07-31 2019-10-10
Grading and ESC Plan 2019-10-10
Planning Rationale 2019-10-10
Revised SPC Covering Letter and Application Form 2019-10-10
Servincing and SWM Report 2019-10-10
SJL Site Plan (A100) 2019-10-10
SPC Application Covering Letter - Original 2019-10-10
Civic Details Sheet1 2019-10-10
Elevations (A400-A401) 2019-07-31 2019-10-10
2019-09-09 - Application Summary - 2019-09-10
Date Status
2019-11-19 Application File Pending
2019-10-29 Initial Review Comments Sent
2019-10-09 Initial Circulation Period Completed
2019-09-09 On Circulation; Initial Submission Review

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