Site Plan Control: The application is for a 1,815 square metre four-storey office building and a 670 square metre one-storey testing facility with ground floors being incorporated into surrounding berms. 196 parking spaces will be provided through the site along with landscaping. Two accesses Nortel Drive are proposed. View application on ottawa.ca

WardWard 3 - BARRHAVEN - Jan Harder
Address (Zoning) 4501 STRANDHERD (IP[2045] H(45))
Possibly related devapp(s) D01-01-12-0013 - Official Plan Amendment
D02-02-12-0119 - Zoning By-law Amendment
D07-16-12-0023 - Plan of Subdivision
Title Modified
Application Summary 2016-01-06
Building Elevations 2016-01-04
Electrical Plans 2016-01-04
Environmental Impact Statement 2016-01-04
Geotechnical Report 2016-01-04
Grading and Drainage Plan 2016-01-04
Ground Floor Plan 2016-01-04
Landscape Plan 2016-01-04
Phase I ESA 2016-01-04
Plan of Survey 2016-01-04
Planning Rationale and Design Brief 2016-01-04
Site Plan 2016-01-04
Site Servicing Plan 2016-01-04
Site Servicing Report 2016-01-04
TCR Vegetation Plans 2016-01-04
Traffic Brief 2016-01-04
Tree Conservation Report 2016-01-04
Date Status
2016-07-06 Receipt of Agreement from Owner Pending
2016-06-22 Request for Agreement Received
2016-05-13 Application File Pending
2016-03-11 Application File Pending
2016-03-09 Application File Pending
2016-01-06 Comment Period in Progress

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