Site Plan Control: The site will be developed with affordable housing to accommodate 98 units. 10 of these uses will be designed for persons with special needs. All units will be visitable. 12 units will be provided in two conventional townhouse blocks, 36 units in back-to-back townhouses and 50 units will be provided in 2 3 storey apartment buildings. View application on ottawa.ca

WardWard 3 - BARRHAVEN - Jan Harder
Address (Zoning) 455 Via Verona Avenue (R4A[1776])
Title Modified
Revised Elevations Bike and Garbage Enclosure 2015-10-07
Revised Site Plan 2015-10-07
Revised Elevations Apartment 1 2015-09-08
Revised Elevations Apartment 2 2015-09-08
Revised Elevations Back-to-Back 10 units 2015-09-08
Revised Elevations Back-to-Back 8 units 2015-09-08
Revised Elevations Towns 2015-09-08
Revised Landscape Plan 2015-08-17
Architectural Building Elevation Drawings 2015-03-31
Erosion & Sediment Conrol Plan (report only) 2015-03-31
Geotechnical Study 2015-03-31
Grade Control & Drainage Plan 2015-03-31
Landscape Plan 2015-03-31
Noise & Vibration Study 2015-03-31
Planning Rationale 2015-03-31
Site Plan 2015-03-31
Site Servicing Plan 2015-03-31
Site Servicing Study 2015-03-31
Stormwater Site Management Report 2015-03-31
Transportation Impact Study 2015-03-31
Tree Conservation Report 2015-03-31
Geotechnical Study - 455 Via Verona Ave 2015-03-30
Date Status
2015-12-18 Request for Agreement Received
2015-05-19 Application File Pending
2015-04-02 Comment Period in Progress

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