Site Plan Control: The purpose of this application is to allow for the development of a single-storey building 4,875 sq. m. in size containing 71 rooming units that will be used for residents suffering from dementia. Six courtyards will be constructed in the interior of the building to allow for secure outdoor spaces and natural lighting within. The site will be accessed from Eagleson Road along the southern property line sharing an access with the existing Tim Horton's. Parking in the form of 24, at-grade spaces, loading, garbage and drop off areas will be between the front of the building and a retaining wall set back 3 metres from the property line abutting Eagleson Road. View application on ottawa.ca

WardWard 23 - KANATA SOUTH - Allan Hubley
Address (Zoning) 630 EAGLESON (AM H(30))
Title Modified
Ground Floor Plan 2015-05-20
Landscape Plan REVISED 2015-05-20
Lot Grading, Drainage & Sediment Control Plan 2015-05-20
Photometric Calculation Plan - Electrical 2015-05-20
Site Plan - electrical 2015-05-20
Site Plan Rev #2 2015-05-20
Site Servicing & Utilities Plan REVISED 2015-05-20
Site Servicing Report - Revised 2015-05-20
Landscape Plans L01 2015-01-29
Landscape Plans L02 2015-01-29
d07-12-14-0144 Landscape Plans L03 2015-01-29
Landscape Plans L04 2015-01-29
Landscape Plans L05 2015-01-29
Lighting Plan 2015-01-29
Lot Grading & Drainage Plan 2015-01-29
Noise Control Study REV #2 2015-01-29
Photometric Calculations 2015-01-29
Servicing & Utilities 2015-01-29
Servicing Report 2015-01-29
Site Plan REVISED 2015-01-29
Noise Control Study REVISED 2014-10-29
UDRP Presentation 2014-09-25
Building Elevations 2014-09-08
Erosion Sediment Control & Grading Plan 2014-09-08
Geotechnical Study 2014-09-08
Landscape Plan 2014-09-08
Landscape Plan - Minimum Distance Separation 2014-09-08
Landscape Plan - Wellhead Protection Plan 2014-09-08
Noise Control Study 2014-09-08
Phase I Environmental Site Assessment 2014-09-08
Servicing Options Plan 2014-09-08
Site Plan 2014-09-08
Site Servicing & Utilities Plan 2014-09-08
Transportation Brief 2014-09-08
Date Status
2015-08-21 Agreement Registered - Final Legal Clearance Given
2015-06-11 Application Approved
2015-06-02 Applicant Concurs
2015-05-27 Draft Report Sent to Councillor and Applicant for Response
2015-05-22 Application Reactivated
2014-10-17 Application on Hold
2014-09-11 Comment Period in Progress

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