Site Plan Control: The purpose of the application is to amend the existing site plan to allow for the construction of a new building which will house additional ministry activities, particularly those for children. These activities will be programs similar to those of a community centre. The proposal is for the construction of a one-storey steel frame building approximately 410 square metres in size. It will be attached to the existing church by a covered walkway. The existing portables will be removed. No change is proposed to the parking areas since it is assumed that the users of the addition will be the same as those using the church itself, i.e. the children of the parishioners. New landscaping is limited to the perimeter of the new facility, the new street access and the rehabilitation of the gravel pathway that connects the church to the portables. View application on ottawa.ca

WardWard 4 - KANATA NORTH - Marianne Wilkinson
Address (Zoning) 285 DIDSBURY (I1B)
Possibly related devapp(s) D07-16-14-0014 - Plan of Subdivision
Title Modified
Grading Plan - Revised. 2016-05-04
Landscape Details 2016-05-04
Assessment of Adequacy of Public Services 2014-11-21
Concept Drawilng 3 2014-11-21
Concept Drawing - Access to Playing Field 2014-11-21
Concept Drawing - Courtyard 2014-11-21
Concept Drawing - Youth Entrance 2014-11-21
Concept Drawing 1 2014-11-21
Concept Drawing 2 2014-11-21
Concept Drawing 4 2014-11-21
Elevations 1 2014-11-21
Elevations 2 2014-11-21
Geotechnical Study 2014-11-21
Grading Plan 2014-11-21
Landscape Plan 2014-11-21
Servicing Plan 2014-11-21
Site Plan 2014-11-21
Stormwater Site Management Plan 2014-11-21
Noise & Vibration Study 2014-11-07
Tree Preservation & Protection Plan (report only) 2014-11-07
Date Status
2016-07-08 Agreement Registered - Final Legal Clearance Given
2016-04-27 Request for Agreement Received
2014-12-08 Application on Hold
2014-11-10 Comment Period in Progress

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