Site Plan Control: The purpose of the Site Plan Control application is to revise the existing approved site plan for 934 Hunt Road to include the lands to the east known as 948 Hunt Club Road. The proposed development is to construct a three storey, 35 unit apartment building on the site. With the addition of the second building, there will be a total of 55 rental units with 38 tenant parking spaces, 11 visitor spaces and 3 office parking spaces for a total of 52 spaces. The application for a Zoning By-law Amendment is change the zoning of 948 Hunt Club Road from a Residential First Density R1MM Zone to a Residential Fourth Density R4V(1795) Zone which is the same zoning applicable to the adjacent parcel at 934 Hunt Club Road. Special exception 1795 reduces the parking required from 1.2 parking spaces per apartment unit to 0.7 spaces per unit. View application on ottawa.ca

WardWard 16 - RIVER - Riley Brockington
Address (Zoning) 934 HUNT CLUB (R4V[1795])
948 HUNT CLUB (R4V[1795])
Possibly related devapp(s) D02-02-14-0044 - Zoning By-law Amendment
Title Modified
Grading Plan - Updated 2015-04-22
Landscape Plan - Updated 2015-04-22
Servicing Brief - Updated 2015-04-22
Site Plan - Updated 2015-04-22
Site Servicing Plan - Updated 2015-04-22
Stormwater Site Management Report - Updated 2015-04-22
Grading Plan Erosion & Sediment Control Plan - Revised 2015-01-15
Landscape Plan - Revised 2015-01-15
Servicing Brief - Revised 2015-01-15
Site Plan - Revised 2015-01-15
Site Servicing Plan - Revised 2015-01-15
Stormwater Site Management Report - Revised 2015-01-15
Planning Rationale 2014-11-25
Survey 2014-07-22
Elevations 2014-07-22
Grading Plan 2014-07-22
Landscape Plan 2014-07-22
Site Plan 2014-07-22
Site Servicing Plan 2014-07-22
Tree Conservation Report - Current 2014-07-22
Tree Conservation Report - Proposed 2014-07-22
Bilingual Application Summary 2014-07-21
Geotechnical Study 2014-07-21
Noise Assessment Study 2014-07-21
Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment 2014-07-21
Servicing Brief 2014-07-21
Stormwater Site Management Report 2014-07-21
Transportation Brief 2014-07-21
Date Status
2016-02-23 Agreement Registered - Final Legal Clearance Given
2015-07-02 Request for Agreement Received
2015-06-22 Applicant Concurs
2015-06-04 Draft Report Sent to Councillor and Applicant for Response
2015-04-20 Application Reactivated
2015-02-12 Application on Hold
2015-01-14 Application Reactivated
2014-08-28 Application on Hold
2014-08-15 Comment Period has Ended/Issue Resolution

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