Site Plan Control: The purpose of the application is to permit a planned unit development (PUD) of 12 semi-detached dwelling units. Two units are proposed to be located at the front of the property along Belcourt Boulevard, with the remaining 10 units arranged along a private roadway that accesses Belcourt Boulevard. View application on ottawa.ca

WardWard 2 - INNES - Jody Mitic
Address (Zoning) 1590 BELCOURT (R3A[2176])
Possibly related devapp(s) D02-02-13-0131 - Zoning By-law Amendment
D08-01-16/B-00186 - coa
Title Modified
Site Plan REVISED 2014-10-30
Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment REVISED 2014-03-27
Geotechncial Report 2014-01-31
Noise & Vibration Study 2014-01-31
Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment 2014-01-31
Stormwater Management and Servicing 2014-01-31
Elevation - Front Units 2014-01-10
Elevation - Main Units 2014-01-10
Grading Sedimentation & Erosion Plan 2014-01-10
Landscape Plan 2014-01-10
Landscape Plan #2 2014-01-10
Planning Rationale 2014-01-10
Sanitary Drainage Area Plan 2014-01-10
Servicing Plan 2014-01-10
Site Plan 2014-01-10
Storm Drainage Area Plan 2014-01-10
Date Status
2016-05-05 Agreement Registered - Final Legal Clearance Given
2016-02-23 Request for Agreement Received
2016-02-19 Councillor Concurs
2016-02-09 Applicant Concurs
2016-01-22 Draft Report Sent to Councillor and Applicant for Response

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