Site Plan Control: The Site is located on the north side of Renaud Road, west of future extension of Belcourt Boulevard. The site has an area of 5.06 hectares (12 acres). The site is currently vacant, generally flat and contains no trees. To the north, east and west is vacant land for future residential development. To the south are a number of single family homes fronting on Renaud Road with vacant land for future residential further south. The proposed development is a two-storey high school. The proposed building will have a gross floor area of 8176 square meters, a parking lot for 133 cars and will have an ultimate student population of 1200 (from grade 7 to 12). The building is proposed to be located on the south west corner of the site, at the intersection of Renaud Road and Belcourt Boulevard. Vehicular access is proposed to be located off Belcourt Boulevard while bus service access is proposed to be located off Renaud Road. Sports fields including a running track are proposed. View application on ottawa.ca

WardWard 2 - INNES - Jody Mitic
Address (Zoning) 6429 RENAUD (O1)
6401 RENAUD (I1A[2130])
Possibly related devapp(s) D02-02-13-0125 - Zoning By-law Amendment
D07-16-16-0021 - Plan of Subdivision
D02-02-16-0098 - Zoning By-law Amendment
Possibly related by-laws 2018-019: A by-law of the City of Ottawa to amend By-law No. 2008-250 of the City of Ottawa to change the zoning of the lands known municipally as part of 6429 Renaud Road and part of 2284 Mer Bleue Road
Title Modified
Grade Control & Drainage Plan Rev #1 2014-06-09
Landscape Plan Rev #2 2014-06-09
Site Plan Rev #2 2014-06-09
Site Servicing Plan Rev #1 2014-06-09
Stormwater Site Management Report Rev #1 2014-06-09
Addendum to Geotechnical Study REVISION #1 2014-04-03
Grading Plan Letter REVISION #1 2014-04-03
Site & Landscape Plans, Gateway Feature & Elevations REVISION #1 2014-04-03
Application Summary 2014-01-09
Architectural Building Elevation Drawing 4 2013-12-20
Architectural Building Elevation Drawings 1 2013-12-20
Architectural Building Elevation Drawings 2 2013-12-20
Architectural Building Elevation Drawings 3 2013-12-20
Gateway Feature Plan 2013-12-20
Geotechnical Study 2013-12-20
Grade Control & Drainage Plan 2013-12-20
Landscape Plan 2013-12-20
Noise Study 2013-12-20
Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment 2013-12-20
Planning Rationale 2013-12-20
Site Details 1 2013-12-20
Site Details 2 2013-12-20
Site Details 3 2013-12-20
Site Details 4 2013-12-20
Site Servicing Study 2013-12-20
Stormwater Site Management Report 2013-12-20
Survey Plan 2013-12-20
Transportation Brief 2013-12-20
Date Status
2015-06-04 Agreement Registered - Final Legal Clearance Given
2015-02-26 Request for Agreement Received
2015-02-20 Councillor Concurs
2013-12-31 Comment Period in Progress

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