Site Plan Control: The proposal is to develop a 6-storey building along Main St. and Oblate Ave that transitions to a 4-storey building along Springhurst Ave. A total of 140 residential units provided with ground floor commercial uses along Main St. View application on ottawa.ca

WardWard 17 - CAPITAL - David Chernushenko
Address (Zoning) 141 MAIN (R4M[1848]-h)
15 OBLATE (R4M[1848]-h)
Title Modified
Transportation Addendum 2017-03-17
Erosion Control Revised2 2015-02-24
Servicing and Grading Revised2 2015-02-24
Stormwater Management Plan Revised2 2015-02-24
Elevations North South 2015-02-20
Elevations West East 2015-02-20
Site Plan Revised2 2015-02-20
Landscape Plan Revised2 2015-02-18
Erosion Control Revised 2014-08-29
Landscape Plan Revised 2014-08-29
Servicing and Grading Revised 2014-08-29
Site Plan and Elevations Revised 2014-08-29
Stormwater Management Plan Revised 2014-08-29
Transportation Brief Addendum 2014-08-29
Parking Study (Jan 2014) 2014-01-21
Planning Rationale 2014-01-08
Application Summary 2013-12-06
Location Map 2013-12-06
Building Elevations 2013-12-03
Cultural Heritage Impact Statement 2013-12-03
Environmental Impact Statement 2013-12-03
Environmental Site Assessment - Phase I 2013-12-03
Erosion Control Plan 2013-12-03
Existing Conditions Plan 2013-12-03
Floor Plans 2013-12-03
Functional Servicing Report 2013-12-03
Geotechnical Study 2013-12-03
Landscape Plan 2013-12-03
Site Plan 2013-12-03
Site Servicing & Grading Plan 2013-12-03
Stormwater Management Plan 2013-12-03
Survey 2013-12-03
Transportation Brief 2013-12-03
Transportation Noise Assessment 2013-12-03
Tree Conservation Report 2013-12-03
Date Status
2016-01-22 Agreement Registered - Final Legal Clearance Given
2015-12-22 Application Approved
2014-12-23 Request for Agreement Received
2014-12-05 Councillor Concurs
2014-12-03 Application on Hold
2014-11-24 Draft Report Sent to Councillor and Applicant for Response
2014-11-11 Revision Request Received
2014-01-27 Application on Hold
2013-12-11 Comment Period in Progress

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