Site Plan Control: The site has an area of 2430 square meters with a frontage of 60.8 meters. There is currently a building on the property which is the Ruby King restaurant. Commercial uses surround the property to the north, east and west. Directly adjacent to the south is a vacant property zone Open Space while further south are residential uses. The site is being redeveloped to accommodate a new two storey building. The existing one-storey Ruby King restaurant building will be redeveloped to a two-storey dental clinic, with associated medical offices on the second floor level to be added. No change to the existing site organization is proposed with the exception of upgrades throughout. The second-storey addition is to project beyond the existing building line toward St. Joseph Boulevard. View application on ottawa.ca

WardWard 1 - ORLÉANS - Bob Monette
Address (Zoning)
Title Modified
2nd Level Floor Plan - REVISED 2013-07-25
Architectural Building Elevation Drawings REVISED 2013-07-25
Assessment of Adequacy of Public Services & SWM Report REVISED 2013-07-25
Geotechnical Study 2013-07-25
Landscape Plan REVISED 2013-07-25
Site Plan REVISED 2013-07-25
Application Summary 2013-05-13
Architectural Building Elevation Drawings - color 2013-05-07
Architectural Building Elevation Drawings - North & East 2013-05-07
Architectural Building Elevations - South & West 2013-05-07
Assessment of Adequacy of Public Services & Stormwater Site Management Report 2013-05-07
Grade Control - Drainage Plan & Site Servicing Plans 2013-05-07
Landscape Plan L1 2013-05-07
Landscape Plan L1R 2013-05-07
Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment 2013-05-07
Planning Rationale 2013-05-07
Site Plan 2013-05-07
Survey Plan 2013-05-07
Transportation Impact Brief 2013-05-07
Date Status
2013-10-25 Agreement Package Received from Owner
2013-09-30 Request for Agreement Received
2013-09-26 Applicant Concurs
2013-09-20 Draft Report Sent to Councillor and Applicant for Response
2013-08-21 Application Reactivated
2013-06-11 Application on Hold
2013-05-13 Comment Period in Progress

No map because no addresses were detected in the development application.
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